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Learning to Learn Course and Brainwave III System

Our course has three formats

  1. Individual / Family: up to 6 participants – 5 days
  2. Corporate: from 2 up to 6 participants – 5 days
  3. Private Course – 3 days (10 hours/day)

To be a candidate:

If you participated in an Alphalearning course in the past, you are eligible to update your Brainwave to the new Brainwave III.

This new Brainwave III System does not require a computer to run the lights. You can read more about this new version on The Alphalearning Brainwave Evolution page.

You can check the current prices below. Start your order by marking “I have participated in an Alphalearning course in the past” on our contact page and sending us a message.

Evaluation Session – € 1.000


The Evaluation Session lasts for approximately three hours, being part of the Learning to Learning Course’s first day. It has four main moments.

  1. It starts with a series of neurological tests and EEG (electroencephalogram) readings to assess the brain’s behavior before the stimuli.
  2. After analyzing these readings, we set the Brainwave III with specific programs to deliver the light and sound stimuli. The EEG equipment records the brain waves all the time.
  3. After the stimuli, we pass through the same neurological tests and EEG readings as in the beginning.
  4. The tests and the EEG are then explained in detail, focusing on the possible solutions to the client’s problems or their goals and how to achieve them using Alphalearning’s techniques and Brainwave III training.


As the evaluation session depends on the use of the Brainwave III equipment, the options are:

  • The client travels to Braga (Portugal). In this scenario, Alphalearning offers its office to hold the Evaluation Session.
  • The client has access to the Brainwave III through a relative or friend that already attended an Alphalearning Course. With the help of this third person, who will actively participate in the Evaluation Session, it can happen remotely through videoconference.
  • The client can have it anywhere in the world. In this case, the client is responsible for the instructor´s travel/accommodation expenses, the location for the Evaluation Session, and an additional fee of € 1.000 per day in which the instructor is absent from their office.


If you are not sure yet if and how Alphalearning can help you, send your questions here.


  • Courses in Braga (Portugal) include conference facilities.
  • Courses in other locations require travel, accommodation, and conference expenses. Travel is Business / First class, and accommodation is five-star. Conference facilities require a minimum of 50 square meters for a course of 3-4 participants. Audio/visual equipment for HDMI computers, projector, and flip chart are also required. The details will be agreed upon beforehand by the client and Alphalearning International.
  • Instructors traveling will arrive one day prior to the course and leave one day after.



  • 30% deposit on booking. Balance payable at least 45 days prior to the course date.

To contact us, please follow this link

United Kingdom: +44 20 8638 5321 :: Portugal: +351 253 193 321