Why ALI?


Alphalearning Institute

Offers the “Learning to Learn” course for Corporate Executives, Families and Individuals.

Using Brainwave I, the most technologically advanced system available to electronically train the brain and body balance and control.

For those who really want brain and body balance there is only one efficient electronic solution – an electroencephalograph combined with an optical-acoustical system. 

Brainwave 1

Brainwave 1

To be serious about training the brain, BRAINWAVE I equipment is a requirement.

BRAINWAVE I achieves 9 Hz or less in 12 minutes and 7 Hz within 5 – 10 hours of practice during the Alphalearning Institute 5 day Learning to Learn course.

100 % of the graduates had retained and in most cases had improved their brain control when the 6 month and yearly follow-up tests were conducted.

Brainwave I equipment is to the brain what Nautilus and Nordic Ski are to the body.

Michael Hutchinson, author of Megabrain(the # 1 book on brain technology):

“Only those Zen monks who have meditated for more than 20 years are able to enter the Alpha – Theta states at will”.

Maxwell Cade, author of The Awakened Mind (over 4,500 EEG’s tested):

“To achieve an Alpha frequency of 9 Hz requires two to five years of meditation experience. With ten to twenty years of practice, we find the Alpha frequency around 7 Hz”.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you train your brain. Please telephone, fax or e-mail if you require more information or have any questions.