U. Sharma

U. Sharma


Dear Sean,

I wanted to give you a positive feedback since I’ve been using the Wavemeter for almost 5 months now as I am having good results using it Some things that I’ve noticed in the last couple of months are:

a) Most importantly: I’m feeling more at ease with myself and my emotions for the first time in my life.

b) My brain executive functions are improving. I am starting to plan things and ‘think’ before saying and doing things.

c) My concentration is much better now.

d) I have control over my emotions and therefore my tongue and beginning to understand ‘normal’ social behaviour.

e) My IQ is increasing due to which I’m developing and evolving as a person with time.

f) My social functioning is improving due to being ‘at ease’ with myself and having more inhibitory control over how I behave and what I say.

g) I am more aware of other peoples emotions and feelings. There are many subtle changes that are happening on many levels and although challenging are providing me opportunities to grow and evolve.

Yours sincerely,