T. Galitopoulos

T. Galitopoulos

Captain of Merchant Marine



With this letter I wish to confirm the improvement that the application of Mr. Sean Adam’s BRAIN WAVE had on my twelve year old son Christos, my seventeen year old daughter Stellina and myself. This program shows its full effect after three months, while, up to now, we had a treatment of only three weeks. My son was slow in reading and writing and it was difficult for someone to read his handwriting.

Right from the first application of BRAIN WAVE on my son, the convergence of his feet when walking went away, something unexpected, since it was not our objective. The greatest and happiest surprise came on the fourth day when I saw my child reading approximately 310 words per minute while before he was not exceeding 50 words per minute. Slowly but steadily his handwriting is also improving. But the most important change is in his temper. He is now very sure of himself and not afraid of anyone or anything.

My daughter, although a good student, tripled her reading speed, reaching approximately 1000 words per minute.

My reading speed has also more than doubled and my performance at work is better.

What else can I say except giving many thanks to Mr. Sean Adam.

S. T. Galitopoulos