Stellina Galitopoulos

Stellina Galitopoulos


This letter is about the sessions of the ALPHA LEARNING method with Mr. Sean Adam.

At the sessions participated my father, my brother and me. Our objective as a selfimprovement for my father and me as regards the reading speed, the memory IQ and note-keeping. For my brother, however, who was tormented by dyslexia, the objective was the treatment of dyslexia.

Before beginning the sessions I was informed for this method and Mr. Sean Adam through the internet. The opinions and letters from those who had tried it were extraordinary, explaining the stressing its beneficial effects and also the fact that it has no negative consequence to the brain health of the person. The positive remarks for the method were followed by those for Mr. Adam, for whom everybody had only the best to say, not only individuals but also world-range scientific publications which are acknowledged by the scientific community. Mr. Adam himself a renowned scientist and one of the most intelligent people in the world, a world champion in reading speed for many years (3850 words per minute).

My personal experience from the application of the ALPHA LEARNING method and my cooperation with Mr. Sean Adam, made me the best impression. I will start from the extraordinary effect to all of us and, mostly, to my brother. He is beginning to overcome his dyslexia and will be improving for the next three months until being able to overcome this problem by 90% – and this only in 4 days, not in four years of lessons for the treatment of dyslexia. Simply amazing. His reading speed and comprehension have also improved. I should also mention that he had two more problems from birth: the first was that his eyes did not converge and the second that his feet turned inwards. Those are also improving. Remarkable was also the change of his temper, the strength he showed mainly after but also during the sessions.

Regarding my father and me, I believe that our objectives were fully satisfied – that is, reading speed and comprehension, memory, writing capability, note-taking and performance at the office and school respectively. Simply outstanding!

Words cannot describe the feeling we experienced and our gratitude is so big that it cannot be enclosed in an adjective. Simply inexpressible! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Stellina Galitopoulos