Sofia Galitopoulos

Sofia Galitopoulos


I wouldn’t like to start explaining what happened and how we got to this point. What matters to me is the result.

Before the BRAINWAVE sessions, Christos was a low-profile child who many times kept to himself. He couldn’t concentrate on what he was doing, his reading speed was very slow and in school he couldn’t follow the lesson more than 5 minutes, after that he was lost into his world. The result was that the other children were making a fool of him and were keeping him out. This is the worst for a child. After BRAINWAVE the situation began rapidly changing. He acquired a strength, he began saying his opinion and the things he didn’t like. I was greatly surprised when he said that he wanted to do his lessons alone! His reading speed increased. Once he said “Now I understand what the teacher says”. He has awakened from deep sleep. And he still is in the middle of the road.

What happened in his mind is inexplicable to me. I only owe a big thank you!

S. Galitopoulos