The development of the Alphalearning System over the past 39 years. 

1974:               Research began into using biofeedback electronic equipment and meditation techniques to enhance mental powers and productivity. 

1975:               Research began into Left-Right Brain functions and new learning techniques. 

1977:               Research in India and Nepal – Advanced mind control techniques and trance states. 

1988:               Advanced research into hospital techniques of mind control for severe clinical cases. 

1989:               Discovery that various brain waves could be induced into almost anyone in a few minutes and that the person could be taught to control their own brainwaves – very precisely- within a few days. 

1989:               Research and writing report “Alphalearning; Brainwaves, Their Uses and Applications.” 

1990:               Discovery that reading speed could be increased by 300% in only a few days using optical-acoustical equipment to train the brain to achieve the Alpha & Theta brainwave frequencies.  

1991:               Corporate training courses in Europe to test the techniques in a business environment by testing 147 executives from dozens of countries. 

1992:               Implementation of corporate courses to test the “cross fertilisation” effect of group brain control abilities. An additional 250 executives participated in the courses. 

1993:               Publish the report “Alphalearning; Brainwaves, Their Uses and Applications.” 

1994:               Creation of  Brainwave I, the computerised Optical-Acoustical and Electroencephalographic Brain Wave Bio-Feedback training system.           

1994:               Discovery that learning difficulties due to oxygen loss and/or  physical or mental shock could be improved and in many cases completely cured by using Brainwave I

1995:               Testing of the system on over 100 cases of  learning difficulties.  100% of the cases showed improvement. The degree of improvement increased with 15-20 minutes of daily use.  

1996:               Training of Alphalearning instructors in Europe and Asia to provide local support. 

1997:               Conducting corporate training courses as well as training individuals, athletes, groups and families. 

1998:               First German language courses and all materials translated to German.

1999:               Discovery that race horses and other animals could also be brain trained.

2000:               First controlled dyslexia study in the UK.

2001:               First dyslexia study in Arabia and translation of all materials to Arabic.

2003:               First Double Blind dyslexia study of 20 subjects.

2005:               New 16 LED Lotus light system.

2008:               New 32 LED Lotus light system.

2009:               New EEG with vastly improved technology.

2010:               New improved web site: www.alphalearning.ch

2012:               Opened new office in Spain with Spanish instructors.