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Quotes about Sean from TONY BUZAN, world famous authority on the business brain and super-learning skills. (Author of “USE YOUR HEAD” and 9 other books on the applications of brain power and business training.)

Sean @ desk smiling for Dan crop Sean Adam is, without question, one of the most creative and talented people in the world today.”“An extraordinary teacher and trainer, Sean Adam taught me more in one day than anyone else in a year.”

“The information he gave me is priceless. Grab him while you can.”

As a consultant to international companies, professionals and athletes in many disciplines, his innovations in learning skills and changing habits have led to a revolution in learning techniques.

These new breakthrough techniques certainly work for Sean; he has been for the past 10 years, the world’s speed reading champion, at a rate of 3,850 words per minute (The average 300 page book in 24 minutes). The world records for mental achievement are published in the Book of Genius – London and Electroencephalographic Mental World Records – Switzerland.
Sean Adam specializes in studying why people do what they do and helping them to do whatever they want to do even better.

The credit in the international brain journal Synapsia for his article:
“Why Does The Planet Learn So Slowly?”
“The author – Sean Adam – began his studies of the power of the mind and brain in 1957. After degree level studies in physics and higher mathematics he specialized in wave-length physics and the possible applications to brain training.
An acknowledged expert in learning systems and holder of several world records in intellectual achievement, he has taught the Training Directors of 120 top European companies how to use Alphalearning in their own corporate environments.

He is the world record holder in the two IQ categories of vocabulary and recognition and manipulation of similarities. He is tied for 6th place in the Synapsia ranking of the top 30 I.Q.’s of all time.”
In addition to ‘EEG World Records’, a comparative study of over 12,000 electro-encephalographs from high performing individuals, he has published many articles on the brain and learning.

Sean with F-16 pilot

The latest book ‘Brainwaves, Their Frequencies, Functions and Applications’ is due for publication in late 2013.
Sean Adam has trained over 10,000 individuals to use Alpha & Theta.