S. Chiesura

S. Chiesura


Dear Sean,

Forthwith after attending the Alphalearning course – what an experience! I successfully achieved my Masters degree in Public Relations. The latter would not have been possible without the Alphalearning course and this because your course is the course for skill improvement and not only.

I am using the Brainwave at least four to five times a week; it is my brain fitness training. And along with a healthy way of living with genuine food and moderate consumption of alcohol – we southern people are known to have a “faiblesse” for good wine – my general wellbeing has improved a lot. The studies for the master, being a part-time program allowing professionals to continue working while furthering their education, were the best test for it.

My reading speed is currently 1000 to 1200 words a minute in English, Italian and German. The ability to speed-read is an incredible tool, particularly when you have to read and digest 33 books within 18 months. This capability is obviously also a great help in my job as I am, like most of the working people of these times, overflowed with important business information.

All of your teaching is incredible useful in the daily life, especially the mind mapping techniques for note taking.

My hobbies are still health, meditation, bowling and new, just started golf. As you may remember in bowling I have become a senior player thanks to the brainwave (my friends still do not know why!) and therefore I am now looking forward to achieving good results in golf.

Alphalearning is a great invention and having being taught by you was my personal luck. The course contains an enormous amount of knowledge to be used day by day not only for speed-reading and note taking.

Thank you,

Yours sincerely,
S. Chiesura