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Components of Brainwave I System

1. Optical-Acoustical light and sound brainwave training equipment.

A. Computer based to interface PC to lights and sounds with precise frequencies.

B. Gold light glasses to input light particles (photons), waves and frequencies via the eyes to the brain.

C. Earphones to input sound waves and frequencies via the ears to the brain.

D. Computer software system to allow individual customised programs for both light and sound to suit each individual brain and to enable changing programs as the brain develops and balances.

2. Electroencephalographic monitoring equipment.

A. Two channel electroencephalograph with 30 page per minute recording speed to record and analyse the brains wave frequency, amplitude, balance and variations.

B. Full 3-D imaging capabilities.

C. Sound and visual bio-feedback to verify and lead the brainwaves to the correct frequencies, amplitude and balance.

 3. System documentation includes 5 manuals totaling over 400 pages.

A. Primary Instruction Manual – 119 pages. 96 color pages plus 25 pages of exercises and testing materials.

B. Reference Manual – 150 pages.  Covers the 20 major international and scientific articles leading to the Brainwave I development from 1976 to 1996.

C. Instruction Manual for the Optical-Acoustical system – 20 pages.

D. Instruction Manual for the EEG system – 50 pages.

E. World Record Brainwaves – examples of the top 30 brains in the world in 6 major categories – 60 pages.

 4. Computer disks with all programs and documentation.

(The above mentioned equipment requires a 486 or faster computer with Soundblaster Pro compatibility.)

All of the above constitutes the ultimate learning machine to facilitate the growth and maximum utilization of the brain.