Price Comparisons

 Prices & Comparisons

The 4 most FAQ’s

1. Q What is the difference between BWI and Light and Sound equipment for $ 99 ?
    A $ 7,601

2. Q What is the difference between a BWI EEG and EEGs priced At $ 900 ?
    A $ 2,950

2. Q What is the difference between the BWI Light/Sound System and others for $400 ?
    A $ 3,450

4. Q What is the difference between a $ 29 speed reading course and the Alphalearning Institute Learning to Learn course?
    A $ 7,691

Buy all 4 of the cheapest solutions and BWI still costs $ 14,000 more. Why?

The difference is $ 1,500 to $ 15,000 or 1 to 10. Why 10 times more expensive?

It is like comparing :a $ 100 bicycle to a $ 1,000 bicycle – both are transportation.
                             : a $ 200 palm pilot to a $ 2,000 desk top computer – both keep records.
                             : a $ 30 Walkman to a $ 300 music system – they both play music.

For most manufactured items one can find a differential of 10 to 1 or more. It depends on how important the item is to a person to determine which product to buy.

Equipment Prices

The BWI system is a highly integrated approach to brain training. There are 4 main components.

Which leads to the No. 5 FAQ.

Q Can I buy all this separately from other suppliers and build my own system?

A Absolutely – we will even recommend the best alternatives.




EEG – recording Mind Mirror – A. Wise  4,000
EEG – biofeedback Brainmaster  1,700
Ohmmeter to ensure connection Standard     500
Light and sound entrainment equipment Paradise     600
  Total Price   6,800
Brainwave I, a totally integrated system with many more features and ease of use than the above combination.   7,700 (€6,000)
  Total extra cost      900

Therefore, the BWI is still and has been for 10 years the best value for money in the field.

Training Prices

The Alphalearning Institute agreed in 1990 to always keep our training fees at least at MCE (Management Centre Europe) and AMA (American Management Association) levels in Europe. The price for a training course at MCE whether it is Ned Herman, Tony Buzan, Edward de Bono or Sean Adam is between $ 1,500 and $ 2,500/day depending on the course length and the number of participants – usually 50 – 100. Henley Management in the UK and Fontainebleau in France are about the same. (See the website

The Alphalearning Institute provides MCE – AMA quality courses with only 2 – 6 people rather than 50 – 100 for only $1,500/day.

This makes the Alphalearning course again – the best value for money. Personalized service at group prices. 

Another FAQ

How can I select a brain trainer?

The best way is to get references from existing and prior clients. Any reputable company should publish their results and letters from clients.

Publications are also important as the press usually does a good job in checking out a trainer or company before writing about them.  

Certainly book authors are careful about who they recommend.

The Alphalearning Institute and its’ research director Sean Adam are certainly the most famous.

View the Client Quotes and Press Articles sections on this site. No other company is even close.

Over 55% of the Fortune 500 companies select the Alphalearning Institute to train their executives.