Press Quotes


From just a few of the numerous articles written about

Alphalearning and Brainwave I

Evening Standard – U.K. - “New innovative tehniques”

International Hypnotherapy Conference – U.S.A.“We have been shown a most magical vision – your talents are extraordinary”

Midweek - free thinking journal – U.K. - “To correct bad habits has normally taken quite a lengthy training. With Alphalearning brain training can be reduced to just a few sessions”

RASP – educational journal – U.K. - “Less pain, more gain with a turbo charged brain”

Going Live – electronic information journal – U.K. – J. McCarten tested Alphalearning to stop chewing fingernails – “Did it work? I can only give a resounding YES! My hands have not been anywhere near my mouth since

Executive Secretary Forum – U.K. – “The amazing potential power we all have in terms of untapped abilities can be unlocked if the right key is used. Adam’s innovation in learning skills and changing habits have led to a revolution in learning techniques using the Alpha states”

What’s New in Training – Belgium – “State of the art advances have been synthesized in the Alphalearning training. The Alpha state instantly creates synchronization of the left and right hemispheres of the brain which allows total concentration and total recall”

Management Centre Europe – Belgium - “Your course was awarded a rating of 18 out of 20, an MCE record – well done!”

Oval Table Conference – Belgium - “The revolutionary learning techniques of Alphalearning can help executives on an individual or group basis”

Management & Resources Report – Belgium – “With the help of Alphalearning most people will learn a lot, and quickly. From this writers personal experience, the Alpha state is a nice place to visit. You can relax and find that the inner mind is probably the most peaceful place on earth. The next time work pressure builds up, take a 5 minute trip to Alpha”

New Edge Electronic Conference – Holland – The producers of “Lawnmower Man” – a movie about transforming the brain with light and sound – “We thought we had produced a science fiction movie, however, after seeing a demonstration of Brainwave I, we realize we produced a documentary ahead of its time”

Forbes – World’s No. 1 Business Magazine – “Speed reading like a world champion – and more. How a decision maker in the flood of information can become the Master through electronically supported brain training with Alphalearning equipment”

El Pais – Spain – “Sean Adam is a scientific visionary”

The Mind Map Book – A reference text on brain training – U.K. - “Thanks to Sean Adam for his enormous personal support and his 10 year commitment to the project”

Synapsia – The international brain journal – U.K. – “Brainwave I – Nautilus equipment for the brain, the result of 4 years research. Neurosurgery with light and sound waves is now a reality”

Buzan’s Book of Genius – The definitive text for mental world records – U.K. – “Alphalearning Institute graduates sweep the world records in speed reading – 1st place and 6 of the top 10 readers have been trained by the Alphalearning Institute”

Brabant Bits – Electronic Journal – Holland – “Computor aided brainwave control is now possible with Brainwave I”

Wave – Science Journal – Holland – “Slimmer smarter and better…in 12 minutes. With the superbrain machine Brainwave I you can read faster and increase your IQ”

Sunday Morning Post Magazine – Hong Kong“Can a machine really make you smarter? With the modern world heading for information overload, the human brain could do with an upgrade. The Alphalearning Institute might have found the answer with a machine that can cure everything from brain damage to dyslexia and poor golf handicaps”

GEO Magazine – Korea“The computor is the new guru. The new Brainwave I brain trainer can alleviate and even cure a wide range of brain disorders – dyslexia, autism, Attention Deficit Disorder and others. It can achieve rapid and dramatic increases in intelligence and reading speed, stress management and sporting performance”

Avant Garde – Modern life Magazine – Holland“Electronic mediation is here now!”

EGO 2000 – Brain Journal – Holland – “A remarkable device this Brainwave I. It’s the combination that does the trick – first one’s brainwaves are measured with an EEG, and then the brain stimulation with computorized light and sound. Spectacular results have been achieved”

How To Pass Exams – Textbook on learning by Dominic O’Brien - World Memory Champion – “The implications of the technology that has been developed by the Alphalearning Institute are enormous. I believe their work to be a major breakthrough in the evolution of human intelligence, and predict that by the turn of the century every school, college and university in the developed world will have access to this technology and that it will be a requirement of industry that its workforce use it”

National Geography Magazine – Taiwan – in a 26 page color article in Chinese – “It’s important that society takes Adam’s claims seriously, simply because, if true, they do indeed represent a new era of medical treatment and education. Many conditions that are currently hard to treat – or only by using damaging drugs – could be alleviated. Hundreds of thousands of children struggling in school could be helped. And, in an age of increasing stress, violence and ecological destruction, we could all use some wising up.”