Papadopoulos, Y.


Papadopoulos, Y.


 Hello Sean,

 This is Youlie, from Athens this time and I’m sending you little Nicolas’ last EEGS hopping that they have improved his condition and have helped the parents to deal with him better.

 As a matter of fact, WAVEMETER has done it already. Nicolas looks more alerted and interested in his environment. You should have been able to have seen him before starting the program and afterwards as well, in order to see the difference.

 Nor sleepy and swollen eyes, neither red skin full of thin blood vessels; only a calm face and sparkling eyes full of curiosity.

 The lines inside his palm continue to be created and Youlie, the mother, was very happy because it was the first time that Nicolas, after the last WAVEMETER program he had, slept continuously, all night.

 When I explained to the physiotherapist what, to my knowledge, the  Alphalearning claims to be able to do and what changes, to my little experience, I’ve seen to be achieved, “enchanted” is probably a small word to describe her interest and willingly, she agreed to undertake the baby, with my running on him an EEG simultaneously.

 Love Youlie 

 Y. Koutkou and I as well, forgot to tell you that Nicolas has an eleven year old sister with learning problems, who has been affected more by her brother’s condition and for this reason the parents look forward to starting the WAVEMETER program.