P. Sutter

Paolo & Renate Sutter


Dear Sean and Gina

 As we met yesterday, you heard again (probably not the first and not the last time) from our enthusiasm working with BRAINWAVE I.  We forgot to tell you about our funny experience with our daughter’s speech therapist.

 When you and Paolo first met and worked together on different computer difficulties, Paolo asked you about Melanie’s concentration problems and her often visible “absent mindedness“, so you wanted to see her.  We never thought that it could became so much better after only few minutes. Also, we didn‘t spend a second to talk about her ugly lisp.  For that she started therapy by a logopedist and we never imagined that the two “problems” walked hand in hand.

 Melanie (6 years) got different “homework” from the therapist, gymnastics with her lips, tongue, with her whole mouth.  We passed the first days laughing in front of the mirror, because I  had to show her every step.  When we finally could stop laughing, we started again – the phonetic exercises were just impossible to do.

 A few days later Melanie got chicken pocks and she had so many of them in her mouth, that I didn‘t want to bother her.

 Just this week, we had the possibility (THANK YOU!) of using the WAVEMETER on her.  After that you asked us if we saw any changes in her behaviour – and: 

Her lisp was completely gone !!!!

 We are so happy that we never have to do those “funny-strange“ exercises again.  And the biggest pleasure was our next date with the therapist.  Melanie had to show her “homework” to figure out her progress.  The logopedist, a very sympathetic corpulent Italian lady, was speechless for a few seconds; then she started to praise the incredible work we did in the last weeks.  She said, “if every mother worked so seriously with her child, she would become out of work”.

 You should have heard her, this praisefull speech, delivered in the Italian way with “hands and feet”.  It was unforgetable!!!!

 So, we‘d like to give these and more praises where they belong: to you and your wife, who make it possible to help so many people!

 As you saw yesterday,  Melanie works now regularly with BRAINWAVE I and she is making great strides; sometimes we think she is another child….Thank you again!

 Yours sincerely

 Paolo and Renate