N. Marinakis

Nikolaos Marinakis


 Dear Sean,

            Nikolaos Marinakis was born on 12 March 1995,Sunday.He was born premature, 30 weeks old or else 6,5 months old.He should be placed on the special place for such new born babies with the appropriate conditions to become better and bigger.

            One of his first problems was with breath.It was said that  he had premature lungs and his breath was 60% supported mechanically.

On the third day of his life he was 40% mechanically supported and on the forth  day he had just a musk in his mouth which was giving him oxygen of which he took by himself the amount he needed.On the fifth day he had a normal breath but at moon he had a lot of mucus in his throat which caused him difficulty in breathing. As he couldn’t take them out(expectorate)he stopped breathing and he turned out blue!  That was the time that the alarm rang and all the doctors came to him.However they couldn’t make out their minds whether should they have

            When the absorption was decided valuable time was lost.He had encephalic bleeding on the left side of his brain.Afterwards, when an iperich  was made a bleeding was found.

            In 3.5 mouths after his birth he had spasms which were characterized as baby spasms.The medicines which were given to him are here known as RIVOTRIL….. they were given to the baby while he was at the hospital  and 3 weeks more.  Rivotril was given for 2 years more and it was me, his mother who stopped the medicines with my own will.I took this decision as I could see that my son was all the time enervated with an empty look.At that point it should be noticed that it was the unique episode  that he had.

            From the age of 3,5 months till now that he is 10 years old there wasn’t  such an improvement that’s why I decided to stop the medicine that he had been taking for 2  years.

            When he was 6 years old  there was a new iperich which showed neither bleeding nor cyst  just in case that the bleeding  was disappeared  .

            At the age of  2 he had an magnetic topography which shown that it was everything normal without any harm or damage in his brains and all the parts were normally grown.But nobody could answer me formally iof everything was just normal.

            Since he was 2 years old he couldn’t walk and he couldn’t speak.His doctors advised me to start physiotherapies  and ergo therapies .They helped him very much and when he was 2,5 years old  he started walking  with some help at the beginning and afterwards alone.

 He could walk normally  but when he was sitting down on the floor  to play  after he couldn’t stand up by himself . He managed that at the age of 3 and a half .Since then his walking  was going better but didn’t happen the same with this intelligence and his specific improvement

            Nikos can not do anything by himself.He can not service himself as a normal kid,he doesn’t imitate and he can’t learn.

At the age of 5 years old  that he should  start school he was examined by a doctor’s commition  so as to justify the fact why he could not go to school. There psychiatrists with specialty in  children examined him and said that he had  psychomotor retardation with autistic elements.

This is the official diagnosis that we have the last 10 years.

 With Alphalearning in 1.5 years time that he had the therapy his I.Q. Was increased  He could understand a lot of orders  despite of  autistic elements he had which bothered him to communicate with us.

            Ergo therapists and psychiatrists assume that due to the fact of autism it is like he has a “veil”in front of him which bothers him to be better but if this happens we will have a newFlower

I hope for your continued help so as my unique son Nikos becomes a normal child.

He is so much improved and continues to improve.

Thank you Sean

Love from all.