To the Alphalearning Institute,

In my experience, the Alphalearning system will be seen as the most remarkable breakthrough for brain injured individuals this century.

I am the mother of a 19 year old, young man, with altered cerebral palsy and hearing loss and Lili, a 21 year old dyslexic. Although I am relatively highly functioning myself (I am completely a Ph.D. thesis looking at respiratory co-ordination and sensory feedback in cerebral palsy), I unaware that I also had neurological damage through a violent electrical shock during infancy.

My son has undergone intense therapy since infancy. However, certain areas of function, particularly his language hearing remained untreatable. After 3 hours of Alphalearning, he began to read books with understanding for the first time in his life. His vocabulary increased dramatically. His listening improved so that it became possible to have a normal two-way conversation with him. This moved him dramatically into the world of reasoned thought and has changed his future virtually overnight. At the same time over those first hours of training, his stability improved and it was clear that his feet were suddenly planted firmly on the earth. Even a good push did not shake him. His drooling virtually disappeared.

My daughter, despite years of therapy could not read more than a paragraph without visual confusion. The day after training, she began reading simple books. Now, some weeks afterwards, she is reading well-written novels. Moreover, she could not formally remember what she did read. She had no visual memory. She can now describe the content in detail and with her own critical commentary. She had other problems. Her hands didn’t work well in co-ordination. She was aware that her movements were clumsy. She panicked under slight pressure – which is not stupidity. She is now utterly delighted by her new posture which has allowed her to “grow” an inch or two and her hand control, which means that everything in life from putting on lipstick to washing up or doing up buttons, can suddenly be achieved efficiently and without stress. She asked me to tell you that Alphalearning has saved her life and is an answer to prayer.

I have been present while Sean worked with many children with a variety of different neurological difficulties. I have seen that by going straight to the source, which is the electrical imbalance in the brain, the most remarkable results are possible in a sense that is entirely logical, but it needed a physicist to perceive this. Medical science has shown itself to be at best imperfect in its approach to brain injury. I applaud the wisdom and courage of this exceptional man.

With kind regards,

Mrs. L. Scotson