Why is learning important?

 Why is learning important?

From a scientific point of view, more has been learned about learning in the past decade than in the past century.

Over 90% of the scientists who ever lived are still alive.

Over 90% of all knowledge about the human brain has been learned in the past 10 years.

 Now is the time to capitalize on the momentum.

Fashion Designer loving the Alpha Wave

Fashion Designer loving the Alpha Wave

” The newest important form of ownership: the possession of know-how, technology and skill.” (Pope John Paul II)

“The rate at which individuals and organizations learn may become the only sustainable competitive advantage.(Kay Stata, Chairman, Analog Devices)

“The knowledge that exists in an organization can be used to create differential advantage and if you don’t keep your intellectual capital refreshed – it will erode.”  (Hugh Macdonald, ICL

“The implications of the technology that has been developed by the Alphalearning Institute are enormous.  It is a major breakthrough in the evolution of human intelligence.”

“I predict that early in the next century every school, college and university in the developed world will have access to the Alphalearning technology and that it will be a requirement of industry that its workforce use it.”(How To Pass Exams – D. O’Brien – World Memory Champion) 
FORTUNE“Intellectual capital is America’s most valuable asset.”

“It’s important that society takes Alphalearning’s discoveries seriously, simply because they do indeed represent a new era of education. In an age of increasing stress, violence and ecological destruction, we could all use some wising up.”(National Geography Magazine) 

MERCK “Knowledge is dynamite!” Roy Vagela, CEO

 “The knowledge and competence of the Alphalearning Institute are of considerable importance to our society and need to be widely known. The Institute’s view that the brain can be trained and developed like any other organ in the human body offers new perspectives.  The implications that this new method of learning has for education are immense.”(States General, The Netherlands)

Managers know what their cash payroll is.

The question is; what is the true replacement cost of the people, the value of the skills that would have to be replaced if they left tomorrow?