What Is Learning To Learn?

What is “Learning to Learn” ?

A step into the future to re-program the habits of the past.

School systems concentrate on imparting knowledge without giving time and attention to teach the actual skills required to learn the knowledge.

Pay attention!  Listen carefully! Remember this!  Relax!  On and on with commands that seem to make sense.  Yet the question in our subconscious mind is, how?

Red Arrow Flying Team

Red Arrow Flying Team

Jet pilots use the system for concentration and reaction speed.


How do the rest of us pay attention, listen, concentrate and remember; much less relax?

These are the questions that concern every student.

To an executive, the questions are of paramount importance.


Sean training F 16 pilot

Sean training F-16 Flying Tigers pilot

Sean with Pilot & his F-16

Sean, pilot & his Flying Tigers F-16

 It is by making the process efficient, relaxing and yes, even fun, that true transformation and growth is possible.

Alphalearning is a training system that works, sticks and people like it.

 What you can achieve.

 You can use the systems to learn anything – reading – typing – languages – sales – any new skill.  And, old habits can be effortlessly transformed.

 Brain capacity, creativity and processing speed can definitely be improved, quite dramatically. 

Your skills can be transformed with Alphalearning techniques.

You can easily triple your reading speed on all types of printed information with vastly improved concentration and recall.  And, learn how to apply the learning skills to any physical or mental activity.

Your company can be transformed in efficiency, profitability and staff motivation when you introduce the techniques yourself into your own environment.

L & P INSURANCE  “Our sales went up 27% with brain training.”

 ICL “ICL believes strongly in the development of staff.  The entire management team, including the CEO, has been trained. The result has been positive. It is possible to train the brain with a view to optimal learning. We plan to go ahead with this radically different way of training.”

 Henkel “We are able to increase reading speed of managers considerably, often by 300% or more. This contributes to better time management, stress reduction, and an increased efficiency. This was not a short-term success. The seminars will be continued.”