Julio Machado

Julio Machado


Sean Adam and the Alphalearning Institute

 How I found the Alphalearning Institute

I was researching with my wife´s assistance a solution for our son who had all the symptoms of Tourette Syndrome. Son of pianists, he was smart and talented: learned math and reading skills (including music scores) before he was 2 years old and played piano with mastery. He developed perfect pitch and an ability to learn languages and their alphabets during our travels. Soon after completing four years he won a chess championship in the category “up to 8 years”.

Despite being far ahead of kids of his age, it seemed that something was wrong with the control of his body – tics were uncontrollable and constant in his life.

There is evidence to support the clinical lore that children with “TS-only” (Tourette’s in the absence of comorbid conditions) are unusually gifted: neuropsychological studies have identified advantages in children with TS-only. And this was exactly the case!

Well aware of all the research on this subject, we simply never accepted that his talent and intelligence were arising out of his problems, but rather that the syndrome was an impediment to his possibilities. Later we had an explanation for this misunderstanding of current science.

  In these studies we found the work of the Alphalearning Institute directed by a brilliant scientist, with astounding ideas and an unusual approach. We called the Institute and we were lucky to have the call returned by Sean Adam himself who proposed a videoconference with us.

With great serenity Sean Adam showed us in those two hours a more lucid and precise approach than any we had heard in the previous years. There were no gaps in his knowledge that obviously went far beyond what he told us.

His basic concept was that what we classify today as dozens of different neurological disorders (dyslexia and ADHD to schizophrenia and autism) are all manifestations of faulty connections in the brain (basically, broken wires). The more intelligent the person, greater the chance for something to manifest because the problem only becomes noticeable if the brain is actually used. A brain that is not taken to its fullest potential does not present major problems since it simply is not being used enough.

This view explains the relationship between intelligence and problems such as Tourette syndrome, dyslexia and schizophrenia. What has become clearer was the concept that to get rid of such a problem does not erase someone´s talent and intelligence (and that’s exactly how it happened).

 We scheduled our course and in a few weeks we were landing in Scotland, temporary residence of Mr. Adam, who was working as a visiting professor at the University of Edinburgh. We looked forward to meet him personally and to have access to the technology of Brainwave System. What we found in these five days of course was beyond any description.

Brainwave System

We started to use the Brainwave System since the first day. It has a huge effect on the brain. Our academic life was always easy and we had already achieved the prominence that we wanted in our profession. We had never experienced any position away from first places in everything we did. Nevertheless, it would be a mistake to think that we could not improve any further.

Since the first use of Brainwave it became obvious that a big change have happened: everything was clearer, easier and that “background noise” had disappeared from our thoughts. The sleep was most refreshing and deep, as in the childhood, and the moments out of bed were permeated by a kind of hyper-lucidity or hyper-awareness. Reading people was a skill that immediately came up with all its strength – and the world in its incredible complexity has become a toy easy to play.

More than a year after this day, the power of decision and change made possible with a balanced brain still seems to have no limits to me. Memory, creativity and visualization were never problems for me, but compared to the new reality after the Brainwave I feel like I had awakened from a lethargy that lasted all my life before. Perhaps it is not easy for my reader imagine all of this being felt by someone, but try to imagine the feeling of seeing the answers popping out to your eyes when everyone else seem confused and you might get a glimpse of what I say.

For those who enjoy science as I do, to see the direct relationship of these new skills with the results of EEGs we took all the time throughout the course was amazing. The control of my own brainwaves was actually possible (as Sean always said, “the computer does not lie, if you see Alpha waves in its screen it is because you are generating them right now”). To know how to balance your brain waves and align them according to your needs is the key to a balanced life as well, it still seems to me, a limitless learning.

If the course have provided only these changes, some advantages that came with these skills would already pay its price several times, but there was more to come.

My son in those five days had the opportunity to mature as much as what would take five years. Thanks to Sean Adam, a man who seems to have unlimited knowledge, I can say that my son reborn that day. The shock to know someone more intelligent and persevering than he out of his family for the first time in his life, combined with the constant use of Brainwave led him to changes that his 5 years of age could not verbalize. Nevertheless, I could read these changes in his eyes and even in his entire body.

He was the first to use the Brainwave and during his first 12 minutes he fell asleep and remained so for some time after the lights were turned off. My big expectation was about what could happen.

When he opened his eyes it looked like he had awaked for the first time in his life. He had a bright in his eyes that was not there before and looked at me as if seeking an explanation for what had happened. Tics had disappeared. Sean Adam explained that what might have been left was just a habit that would be set aside with the continued use of Brainwave. He now had a world of new skills to explore and balance, and the freedom to control his body as he never experienced before.

In the latter year he went through periods of greater or lesser use of Brainwave. With this experience it is easy to see that whole effect originated with the use of Brainwave is really permanent and cumulative.

We never feared a problem with my son and Tourette Syndrome again (this diagnosis never had the agreement of Sean) and this issue is a chapter of a far past. Today, he is six, and is by far the youngest member of Mensa Brazil.

Sean Adam

Sean Adam is tied for 6th place in the Synapsia ranking of the top 30 I.Q.’s of all times. To know anyone like that in itself would be an extraordinary event in the life of a person. Have the opportunity to be close to him almost weekly sharing ideas in a multitude of long meetings and, often, being together every day in other Alphalearning courses is a unique experience that was reserved for few people of my generation.

How to describe a genius? Well, genius is a person who has brilliant achievements. This is the case of Sean Adam, the only one in his time capable of accumulating as much knowledge and, above all, know how to relate them to create a revolutionary line of research that has achieved unprecedented results in several areas. Sean is proud to list 680 books he studied on the subject brain and mind only. Once, when I asked for his help in finance he selected the “250 essential books of the nearly 1,000″ he has on this subject. Fair enough for a person who taught me to read over 1,000 words per minute with full comprehension and recall.

And describe the genius is little to talk about Sean. His brilliance is contagious and his ideas have the power to cause paradigm shifts in one´s core beliefs. He speaks easily about concepts that are decades ahead of today’s practices in the areas of education, neurology and behavior. He tells profound experiences lived by him during his research and always surprises you with his clarity and objectivity.

I’m sure that for everyone who had the privilege of knowing Sean Adam there is a unanimous truth: the life of each one of us is marked with a “before” and an “after” Sean Adam. To be exposed to his ideas is like to be transported to another universe where we can see what once eluded our understanding.

After the course

Exceptional claims require exceptional evidence. My experience proved to be an excellent case study.  After the course, all the people with whom we maintained close relationship noticed incredible changes in my son and we two. It seemed clear to everyone that something had happened that week of vacation we’ve been traveling.

Somehow, everyone was listening better and respecting deeply my ideas, even in areas not directly related to my professional activity or knowledge. It was odd to realize that people just have turned to want to hear my opinion and suggestion and received it as if I was talking about the brightest idea of the world. At this point it is appropriate to say that nobody, not even the rest of the family, knew we had attended the Alphalearning course. Still, everyone knew that something important had happened to us because everything was working better.

The subject was only revealed after some months of study, enough time to create a new system of learning piano based on the Alphalearning concepts. With only a small fraction of the potential of this technology we achieved amazing effects on learning and musical quality of our students.

With regular use of Brainwave (around 30 minutes per week) I still feel new effects arising and the previous ones improving. From the most ordinary skills as perfect balance of body, pinpoint accuracy to put the key in the lock and a more beautiful and straight writing on a blank sheet to a greater speed reading and learning, more accurate perception of reality and of human relationships and a life totally free from any anxiety or stress – it seems that the acquisition and refinement of new skills have no limits.

More than twenty years ahead of me in using this technology is Sean Adam, someone who certainly I will never discover the limits of his perception – and to whom I fear I will never be able to fully express my gratitude for the new life he offered to me, my wife and son.

Julio Machado