J. de Vries


J. de Vries


 Dear Sean,

 After a sleepless night and an intense discussion between my wife and me I really want to write you this letter.  I hope you will take the time to read this letter with an open mind, and will forgive me the faults I will make in my English.

Yesterday we had an exciting day in which we saw our son back seriously changed in a very positive way.  This positive change means a new other future for our son and for us.  Last night he told us and his brother about his experiences till three o’clock.  Sean, we are very greatfull to you for what you did for him.  And we will, with every thing in us, help him and coach him so he will reach a happy future.

 I want to make clear to you some things of the last thirteen years and explain also our thoughts and behaviours yesterday and last Thursday-evening.

Thirteen years ago our son had an accident while he was horse-riding and he got ten days in coma.  The neurologist who had treated him told us that we had to be glad that he was still alive and that he had no physical damage, but his mental possibilities would stay far below normal.  We were coached by the best professor in Psychology and selected with him possible schools.  He went to schools for children with learning and behaviour problems. 

We send him to a residential school, we visited other psychologist, he went to a vocational training to become a cook.  It was all without success.  He was not able to develop normal contacts with other children.  He was forced to leave the residential school because the school leader was afraid that something would happen to him, he couldn’t get on very well with the other students.

 At last he began to work.  First as a waiter in a restaurant.  After a few months he was dismissed because he was not able to remember the orders of the clients.  He became a worker in a petrol station.  He left the company because he didn’t want to work there anymore. 

He went to a well known psychopathic clinic, the psychiatrist advised us to place him in a therapy behind locked doors and if necessary without his own will.  That was only one year a few months ago.  We did not do that!

 Because we knew and we felt that he had possibilities and we looked for other treatments for we were not able to do that alone.

 In that time the psychiatrist got from my bank account about twenty five thousand guilders.  We asked Dr. Paul Yff for another medical treatment and then he told us about you and your brain training. 

I hope this is the last time I told the tragic story of our son and the efforts we made with him to change his behaviour in a positive way.  We did this all because we love him so and we felt that there was a mental block that had to be removed so that he can function normally.  And we are sure now that you did that last week.

 At last, thank you again for what you did for our son and us and be sure that we reap the fruits of your course for our son.

 Greetings to your wife.

 J. de Vries