J. Carroll

J. Carroll


Hi Sean,

Here is a summary of the key points I had taken from the Learning to Learn course:

To read and receive information your brain needs to be in the Alpha state – a state of peace, deep relaxation and acute alertness. To memorise and recall, your brain needs to be in the Theta state – a state which makes you feel creative and intuitive.

LOTUS uses controlled light emissions synchronised with rhythmic sound beats to help your brain immediately get into the correct state. You use LOTUS to assist in learning. When reading you set LOTUS to Alpha.

The WAVEMETER takes your brain through the different states of consciousness. This enables you to reach theta to increase the dendrite connections, and delta to relax and recharge. By going through the various states of consciousness your brain is balanced and prepared for more learning. Every so often you should use the Brainwave EEG to listen to your brain and note the control you are developing over its functioning.

Of course, I took another, more subtle, lesson from both courses. Twice I have had the fortune to work with someone who has developed a learning system which could one day revolutionise the way mankind develops. I have been shown new paths of understanding that I would never have conceived of previously. I know I have had good fortune. Because of this I feel euphoric, but also overwhelmed because I know that I must not waste the experience I’ve been given.

Thank you (again) for inventing this wonderful machine and for supporting me and making me believe in myself. I feel a sense of pride that I would never have if it weren’t for you.

Yours sincerely,

J. Carroll