Dear Mr. Adam,

 The reason for writing this letter is because I personally would like to thank you for everything you have done for Anna and her niece.

When Anna came this morning at the office and described to us in every detail the experience she had attending your course (even if her attendance it was only for one day and a half), we were thrilled.

Our belief, that you are a very special person with a brilliant mind who has invented an amazing system which helps other people, is getting stronger day by day. Once more I would like to thank you for being so kind.

                                                                                          John Iriotis

 Dear Sean,

 Again the words are so poor to express my thankfulness to you for everything you have done for me and all the knowledge you have tried to share with us.  I can only say that the first time I was there with Christiana you allowed me to watch a miracle and this time I had an incredible experience! 

In the meantime, I took the liberty to spread to each known to me person the miracle I was extremely lucky to watch happening to Christiana.  There are so many families that they have similar problems with their children…Of course they need some time to think about it and also to believe that it might be a slight possibility for their children to be well again.

So, here is my brief report on Christiana’s condition:

 -        Her general behaviour is of a normal healthy smart child of 4 years old.

-        She is moving without problem her left hand and arm but of course still it is not like her right hand.

-        Her colour is wonderful. It is like a healthy normal child.

-        Her legs are becoming like the legs of a normal child i.e. now you can see that there are muscles in her legs!! Last night also while she was sitting on a small chair she raised both legs because her brother wanted to catch a toy that was under her chair. But I think she is still afraid to make steps, as when I asked her to stand up enabeling us to see her beautiful new shoes, she stood up but I was receiving fear from her while she was trying to move her feet for making steps. She was like a baby who has not yet made the first steps.

-        Irene said that during the Easter Holidays while they were in the country, Christiana was loving to play on the ground outside the house. It was something that she never did before!

-        Irene also said that when someone is throwing gently something to Christiana (a doll or a ball) Christiana catches it with her both hands easily.

Everybody can see easily how Christiana’s condition has changed to the best as it is extremely obvious!

And all these wonderful changes thanks to you Sean!   

 The lessons you have taught me in various ways were unbelievable! I promise I will never allow anybody to bring my shoulders in the position they were before Friday! Thank you Sean!

I wish I could be a shadow student and follow you in every course so my brain would be able to absorb as much knowledge as it could thus enabling me to help as many people as I can!

I spoke with Mary over the phone this afternoon just to check on how the things are going. She was very calm and soft.I spoke also with Theodore and he is definitely a different child! He was so gentle over the phone!

Mary send all her love to you.She said that she is wondering how the week passed so quickly and that she did not want the week to have an end  as she was afraid that the magic would be gone!After I spoke with Mary, I called John.

He was at the office and he said that yes he can think more calm and he is able to think the problems and give solutions immediately without having any stress! He asked me if I could help him on how to use the machines, and I said that I will pass by his house tomorrow afternoon on my way to my beach house and I will help him to understand how the machines are working.This is the news in brief from all of us.

 With all my love,   

Anna Sotiriou