Increase IQ

 IQ Growth

Learn faster. Remember more. Have the EDGE.

You have 300,000,000,000 (300 Billion) Neurons in your brain.

You are only using 5% or 15,000,000,000 (15 Billion).

You have 95% or 285,000,000,000 (285 Billion) spare light bulbs.

Alphalearning can show you how to plug them in!

Since scientists first began measuring Intelligent Quotients over a hundred years ago, one of the first questions people asked was “can IQ be increased?” Until fairly recently, most of the evidence seemed to say no. People tested twice on an IQ test almost always got the same score on the second attempt. So IQ growth, psychologists have been saying for years, is clearly IMPOSSIBLE.

Except that the Alphalearning Institute has proven that IQ growth is entirely possible.

In fact, not just possible, but significant – if you are using the Brainwave I.

Our clients are overjoyed to find that within 6 months of the course their IQ has grown by 10-30 points!

“To measure is to treasure” is a saying that the Alphalearning Institute firmly believes in.

We ask each of our clients to take an IQ test administered INDEPENDENTLY of the Institute, by a qualified psychologist, before they come on the Learning to Learncourse. We then ask the client to take a SECOND IQ test six months after the course. Thus our clients can verify for themselves whether the Brainwave causes IQ growth.

 How Does it Work?

IQ growth is a reflection of the number of neurons connected in your brain. The average person has 300 billion neurons in their brain and only 15 billion connected. Using the Brainwave we can take you into the optimum state for establishing connections between neurons. So each time you use the Brainwave, you connect a few neurons at a time. How many? Well, a few million at a time. After a few weeks of training, it all adds up!