Howarth, R.


Randolph Howarth



Letter of Recommendation for Sean Adam of

The Alphalearning Institute


 To whom it may concern,

 My name is Randolph Howarth from Australia.

I attended an Alphalearning course with Sean Adam on the 19th March 2009.

 This was attended at Edinburgh, Scotland in the Roxenburg hotel which is a 5 star establishment.

 The reason that I attended his course was because I had brain damage from my service in the Australian Army and also from medical negligence during my birth.

 My temporal lobes had been crushed by the doctor performing delivery during my birth, which caused permanent brain damage and learning difficulties during early child hood and adulthood.  Therefore affecting and limiting my academic options.

 The damage that was produced by the Australian Army was from a course of vaccines for Japanese encephalitis which causes epilepsy.

 If somebody has a predisposition to any brain abnormality then having this vaccine, will trigger exactly what it is designed to protect against.  You guessed it, Japanese Encephalitis is an inflammation of the brain commonly known as epilepsy.  There is then the Temporal Lobe Epilepsy, learning difficulties and now mental illness to top of the list.

 Consequently I was discharged from the military and deemed clinically insane and highly medicated for the last 8 years.  This in turn allowed me access and experience what is commonly known as divorce (no more beautiful wife) and finally the bottom of the straw just in case you think it could not get any worse, I ended up in a homeless shelter for you guessed it, homeless people.

 That was until I had attended the course with Sean Adam from the Alphalearning Institute.

 Sean and I had been in constant communication for over the last 5 years.  The constant topic was my intention and desire to do and achieve the unthinkable.

 To cure my epilepsy and to be drug free

 This statement has major repercussion’s considering that the best professional persons that had attended to my previous medical history where no other than the Head of Queensland Mental Health and also the Australian Head of the International Epilepsy Association.

 They were the most highly educated and respected members of their expertise available in Australia and possibly South East Asia.  I was told to swallow the pills, live a life of mediocrity and poverty and take it how I am told too.

 My answer was, to the joy of the medical experts no way.  I argued with them that I was normal and not insane and that I had epilepsy.  They would answer with my physical body being placed in custody for time, with the police for failing to obey a mental health directive or time in the mental hospital.

 As you can guess, I spend the next 8 years looking for a way out and a solution to my life and its dilemma.

 With Sean Adam and his guidance, expertise and technology I am now…..

 Drug free and my epilepsy is cured.

I am extremely happy and am now feeling better than I can ever remember before.

 So to all of you out there that would like to know more about my story which has been compressed here please email Sean and I would be happy to expand for you.

 But know this, Sean Adam you are a hero,

You saved my life,

You gave me new life,

And taught me that anything that you truly wish for and desire can be achieved.

 Sean helped me achieve and surpass my goals by 1000% and I am forever grateful and look forward to serving the Alphalearning Institute, it is the greatest course that you will ever be honored to attend.

 Sean Adam I honor you and hope that one day I can emulate even a fraction of what you have achieved.

 Do the course it will change your life.

 Thanks my friend,

 Randolph Howarth