Fernanda Machado Castilho


Fernanda Machado Castilho


 Dear Sean,

Thank you for the new direction that my life took since I attended the Learning to Learn Course at the Alphalearning Institute.

A serious problem with my son led me to a search which fortunately took me to the Institute. It amazed me since our first interview, but I never imagined I would have so much to gain from this course. I thought “My son getting well, anything more is a gift”.

Actually we all changed as individuals and family. A change that allowed us to explore our potential and multiply it together. Everything around us has changed. We attract the most interesting people around our work, family and personal life.

What I noticed more in me was the clarity of thoughts and tranquility to resolve issues that in the past would make me tremble. My health has improved incredibly.

As a teacher I gained clearer insights, and my communication with my students was really improved.

Now I learn everything faster, have more desire for new knowledge, to deepen what already interested me and to make happen the plans that seemed just dreams in the past.

To practice with Brainwave System is like to take a full control of our own lives and see it from many different angles. It is as if we passed to a new dimension – one broader, lighter and easier to understand and interact than before.

A person who has no physical activity find it difficult to perform the simplest tasks of everyday life, has little power, is limited by what her body allows her to do. A person who does not control her own brain is subject to external forces in the same way. Anything can make this person fell, get confused and disturbed. With a confused brain, neither the mind nor the body can function properly.

Despite the obvious and logical, people still get trapped in this self made labyrinth for not knowing the way out. And when someone shows the way, they are too confused to accept it.

I thank you Sean and Alphalearning Institute for showing me the way out when I most needed it and for giving me your hand to rebuild my way by myself.

Thank you.

Fernanda Kappel Castilho