George Masmanides


George Masmanides


Changes after applying the Alphalearning System to Paschalis

 Following are the changes in Paschalis that took place in the first 4 days:

  1. 1.     His sleep was (and still is) continuous for the entire 8-hours sleeping time without interruptions
  2. 2.     He started to observe things that are moving (for example cars, airplanes)
  3. 3.     When we called him with his name, he responded with his eyes. (i.e. he was looking at them when they called his name)
  4. 4.     When he was making drawings, his movements were softer.

 Following are the changes in Paschalis that took place during the first months 

  1. 5.     When we show something with our finger, his eyes are moving to the direction of our finger and he looks at that direction.
  2. 6.     Before applying the Alphalearning system, he was eating his food pulverized (minced). That changed almost immediately.
  3. 7.     He now eats more kinds of food.
  4. 8.     His intense mobility (hyperactivity) restrained (slow down).
  5. 9.     He became more friendly to his brother and to the people around him.
  6. 10.       He started to visit places that he did not go before.
  7. 11.       He plays longer by himself.
  8. 12.       He is trying to communicate with us. However, this is not on a daily basis.
  9. 13.       He started to be hanging by the horizontal bar and at the same time, he was looking for rewarding.
  10. 14.       He started to understand some words
  11. 15.       When he wanted something, he was pulling our hand in order for us to give it to him.

During the summertime, he was playing on the ground more.

  The first months there were many changes on Paschalis. After the first months, the rate of the changes was slower. He started again to go to the Logotherapy and Occupational Therapy sessions again and he started also to go the kindergarten with his mother escorting him.

 In March 2005, he was saying few words and he knew the meaning of these words. However, the pronunciation of these words was not good.

 His communication with the people around him is getting better slowly.

 Changes as from summer 2005 

  1. 1.     His hyperactivity is decreased more and his focusing at the game is better
  2. 2.     He succeeded to fix a 10 pieces puzzle.
  3. 3.     He rides a bicycle (with 2 small additional wheels) alone for the first time.
  4. 4.     We started to try making him ask for going to the toilet (for doing wee or ordure). This accomplished before Christmas.
  5. 5.     He started to play a lot with his brother and became more pleasant and smiling.
  6. 6.     He started to want more being into our arms and being lovingly caressed by us.
  7. 7.     He started to understand many sentences used on a daily basis.
  8. 8.     He started to point out with his finger when he wanted something.
  9. 9.     He started to imitate the animals (cats, dogs etc) when he was asked by us to do so.
  10. 10.       He is looking at our eyes more.
  11. 11.       When he is somehow hurting himself at the time he is playing, he is coming to us for consolation.

 Changes as from autumn 2005 

  1. 1.     He is drawing face, body, feet, arms and boats
  2. 2.     When the bell is ringing, he goes to open the door.
  3. 3.     He starts going to the kindergarten with a kindergarten teacher for him. The communication with the other children is not good. However, he is participating a lot in the class activities.
  4. 4.     He is very smiling and pleasant and he challenges somebody to play with him.
  5. 5.     He is mimicking a lot what he is watching in children video tapes and primarily the movements. It seems that he wants to mimic the speaking also because we observe that at the same time he opens and closes his mouth, however without making any sound.

 Changes as from winter 2006 

We found a laboratory in U.S.A. through a doctor from Greece and we sent Paschalis’ hair and urines for analysis. Analysis showed that Paschalis has in his constitution many “heavy metals” and lack of some trace elements. At that time, we contacted with Mr. Sean Adam who urges us to follow the suggested treatment. During the same time, Mr. Sean Adam gave us instructions for the daily use of Lotus. He suggested also to us buying the glasses with the more lights for using, which we did and we had the following results: 

  1. 1.     Paschalis for 10 days was putting his hands into his mouth and he was taking saliva out of his mouth.
  2. 2.     After the 10 days, Paschalis started to have rapid improvement. That means that all the changes mentioned above became very strong. For example, he understands almost everything when we speak to him now.

Eternal gratitude from the Masmanides family.