Dyslexia can be cured!

Yes, Cured, not Improved, not Treated, Permanently Cured.

It requires 30 to 40 hours of brain balancing

during an intensive 5-day clinic.

Analyzing EEG records and reading speed improvements of over 3,500 executives and professionals proved that the lower the reading speed, i.e., the more serious the dyslexia, the greater the possible increase when the brain is balanced.

Synchronizing the left & right hemispheres allows the left brain to recognize the black & white words and smoothly transfer the meaning in color, motion, emotion etc. to the right brain to be converted into understandable thoughts that are easy to remember.

The chart above shows the average percentage increase
for all individuals trained in each starting speed category.

The average reader in the 200/300 w/m range can expect a 3 to 1 improvement to 600/900 w/m.

The individual that has previously attended other techniques based reading courses and now reads at 400/800 w/m will achieve a 2 to 1 improvement to 800/1,600 w/m.

To the surprise of almost everyone

(including the Research Director of the Alphalearning Institute)

The dyslexic performs much better

The dyslexic at 50/100 w/m will achieve a 5 to 10 to 1 increase to 250 to 1,000 w/m.

The record is from 3 w/m to 95 w/m in 25 hours of training over 3 days. Over 3000% : a 30 to 1 increase.

Letter about how this persons’ life was changed.

All speed improvements are accompanied by increases in comprehension and memory of 200% – 400%!

This means a total increase in learning ability of 15/30 to 1.

A recent group of 17 dyslexic boys aged 14 to 16 with reading speeds of between 50 to 150 w/m achieved an increase of 563% in reading speed and 385% in comprehension.

Total improvement in learning efficiency: 5.63 X 3.85 = 21.68

They now have the ability to learn 20 X faster, what is the teacher to do with the extra time?

The boys all needed a new school! Read the full study results.

The Alphalearning Institute Learning to Learn course was originally developed to balance and increase cooperation between the left and right brain. A balanced brain leads to a balanced body and balanced emotions. The combination allows an executive to receive and process vastly more information, make logical decisions more rapidly and accurately and most important to communicate the decisions to others more effectively.

Literally – learning to control ones own brain improves the ability to cooperate with and influence other brains. 

E-mail from a recent executive describing the effects.

A side effect of the training is that reading speed and comprehension increase – sometimes quite dramatically. Analyzing these speeds and results led to the discovery that dyslexia could be cured. The Alphalearning Institute had cured several hundred people by accident before the realization occurred that it was happening.

The Institute originally thought it was only an interesting side effect. It is now realized that a truly momentous discovery has been made that will bring relief and new lives to people worldwide.

How is this possible?

First, consider the cause of dyslexia

Various theories have been proposed from chromosome 6 being inherited to brain damage during pregnancy. Vast research has been done analyzing the brain activities of dyslexics using the most modern methods of scanning and EEG technology.

The common denominator of all the studies is that the dyslexic brain is operating differently than the “normal” brains. The main difference is that the left-right coordination is worse in the dyslexic. Video tests proved that they have more difficulty standing on one leg than “normal” people do. Therefore, the real common denominator is lack of balance, regardless of the cause.

The diagram below shows the difference between a dyslexic brain and a normal brain where the two sides(hemispheres) are communicating in chaos or in rhythm.

In the Alphalearning Institute study every participant who could remember or verify their circumstances at birth told of delivery problems. From “blue baby” to “club foot” to “umbilical cord wrapped”, etc., all resulting in a loss of oxygen in the crucial first few moments of life.

Two common denominators have been observed specific to dyslexia:

1. Oxygen loss: Loss of oxygen is the primary cause of imbalance in the brain as the loss is usually located primarily on one side.

Many events can cause sufficient loss of oxygen to result in observable mental difficulties. Stroke, heart attacks, long commercial flights, racing Formula I, flying high altitude balloons, choking on a candy, a severe cough, etc., all are possibilities. Birth problems are the most common cause where the loss is sufficient to cause such an imbalance as to create learning difficulties such as dyslexia.

2. High IQ: There is a second common denominator of all dyslexics studied to date. The IQ is above average – usually far above average.

The speed of thought in the higher IQ range means the conceptual visualization in the right brain is outrunning the left brain’s ability to recognize letters. People with low IQs normally do not think fast enough to experience dyslexia.

This “high I.Q. phenomenon” has led to many books and articles discussing the “Gift of Dyslexia”. However, those who suffer through life with reading problems would not call it a gift.

Why is it that all “famous dyslexics” are known for their creativity, not their logic? Tom Cruise for example. Because the left brain is not as fast as the right! And, the reason is simply electrical brain damage which is easily repaired.

Far better to keep the high IQ skills of the right brain and bring the left up to a state of equality. Now the brain is in harmony and synchronicity. No more dyslexia.

A real life example from a recent course follows. These are the brain patterns of a 55 – year old business executive, very successful internationally. However, dyslexic since childhood. Very slow reading and low comprehension. The displays below summarize 200 meters of linear EEG data.

To more easily understand the results, ask yourself which of the diagrams is the more esthetically pleasing? If you picked the right one you are now a qualified neuroscientist.

If you can see the “Before” is out of balance to the right and the “After” is more balanced then you can really read EEG’s like a professional.

BLUE represents the left brain 


RED represents the right brain

The vertical scale in the center measures the brain frequency from 1 to 30 Hertz in 1 Hertz divisions.

The horizontal distance to the left or right of center

measures the power of the brainwave.


How is the brain balanced?

Light and sound waves at very precise

frequencies are used to stimulate the 300 billion neurons in the brain to fire at the same frequency at the same time. This allows billions of possibilities for the neurons to “connect”. They connect first in the area of the brain where the damage is greatest.

For example, when there is brain damage from shock, i.e., a bang on the head, there will be enough heat generated (released) from the rewiring and new wiring that anyone can feel it 2 – 5 cm. above the head at the precise location of the injury.

Imagine two different dance scenes:

1. Disco: Chaos, loud, random beat, random flashing lights, males and females, not touching and using different dance steps.

2. Formal ball: Order, quiet, rhythmic beat, steady lighting, males and females touching and using the same dance step.

Which event provides the best opportunity for the male and female to “connect”, i.e., at least organize a cup of tea at the break?

Normal expressions: “Dance to the beat.”, “On the same wave length. Dancing to the same tune.

This is what happens inside the brain. The dyslectic is in the disco and the normal brain is at the formal ball.

Stimulation of the neurons to “dance to the same tune” allows them to connect and both repair old damage and promote new IQ growth.