Dyslexia is characterized by difficulty with learning to read fluently and with accurate comprehension despite normal intelligence. Developmental reading disorder (DRD) is the most common learning disability. Vast research has been done analyzing the brain activities of dyslexics using the most modern methods of scanning and EEG technology.

 A few quotes from clients whose reading speeds have greatly improved due to Alphalearning training.

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Lowes, J

“Dear Sean , Thank you for your help. I am doing my exercises and have read over half of my book. I can’t thank you all enough for what you have done for me. It has opened a whole new world.”

Scotson, L.

“In my experience, the Alphalearning system will be seen as the most remarkable breakthrough for brain injured individuals this century.”

Hubregtse, C.

“Every time she (Chantal) had a new teacher, we had to explain what dyslexia is. During a course (Alphalearning) Chantal learned to read better and several blockades were solved. Her reading speed increased from 37 words a minute to 120 words a minute.”


“Certainly Alpha learning and speed reading are two things I could recommend to friends and acquaintances. If only I had been taught the skills at an earlier age.”

Ozgider, A.

“What I learned that week in Switzerland is sure to change my life and it all ready has. Speed reading was the easiest part of the course.”

Sharma, U.

“I’m feeling more at ease with myself and my emotions for the first time in my life. My brain executive functions are improving. My concentration is much better now. My IQ is increasing.”

Sigala, D.

“The course was an unforgetable experience. I have started a new life physically, emotionally and mentally able to achieve almost anything. I have a sense of inner balance that leads me to a state of clarity and well-being.”

Nikoloudis, I.

“Despina is improving every single day. Kostas is also very well and his dyslexia is history!!!”


“I would like to thank you for an extraordinary and fascinating few days. It was an invaluable experience, both for me and my son and you eally have managed to give him some great tools to help him in his academics.”

Chiesara, S.

“After attending the Alphalearning course – what an experience! I successfully achieved my Masters degree. The latter would not have been possible without the Alphalearning course. The course contains an enormous amount of knowledge – not only for speed-reading and note taking.”

Galitopoulos, Tasas

“On the fourth day I saw my child reading approximately 310 words per minute while before he was not exceeding 50 words per minute. My daughter tripled her reading speed, reaching approximately 1000 words per minute.”

Galitopoulos, Sofia

“Before the BRAINWAVE sessions, Christos was a low-profile child. He couldn’t concentrate on what he was doing, his reading speed was very slow. After BRAINWAVE his reading speed increased.”

Galitopoulos, Stellina

“(My brother) is beginning to overcome his dyslexia. His reading speed and comprehension have also improved. Regarding my father and me, our objectives were fully satisfied – that is, reading speed, comprehension, memory, writing capability, note-taking and performance.”

Carroll, J.

“Twice I have had the fortune to work with someone who has developed a learning system which could one day revolutionise the way mankind develops.”