D. Sigala

D. Sigala


Dear Sean

being a dyslexic myself and also a mother of a dyslexic child I believe it was not coincidence that article I read on a Sunday paper about you and Alphalearning.It was my heart’s cry begging heaven for help. Only dyslexic people can understand the efforts I did all my life to balance between the extraordinary abilities my brain offered me and the handicap dyslexia put me in.Since my childhood I remember myself being in the corner.I was a trouble for my family.I was a very difficult child to handle.It was hard for me to communicate with the people around me.No one could understand me.I learnt only from what I heard in class. Fortunatly my teachers in the public schools had to give oral lectures because not all the students could buy their own books.I could never sit in my desk and do my homework.I was a silent reader from the age of four.I could never read loud or in front of audience.Never memorized or learn by heart a whole version,though I was able to repeat the whole lesson with exactly the same words the teacher had used.I could hardly finish any composition or report nor give a complete speech.

When I was in puberty I felt alone and very different among people of my age.It was then I realized that something wrong was with me.Dyslexia was an unknown word those days.I had read Freud,Gung and all the other fathers of psychoanalysis trying to help myself.I went under all kinds of therapies to control my emotional unbalence and my embarassing behavior that made my children suffer.I had some kind of progress but always something was missing.I felt disappointed.What was wrong?Wasn’t there any hope for me? “Yes,there is hope”you said,”in fact there is cure”.Dear Sean,you were the first person who explained to me what really happened in me.That brought me tears beacause somebody had expressed exactly how I felt all these years.The course was an unforgetable experience.From the first momenent the change on me was obvious.My body structure had chance.I was standing straight without any physical effort,light feeling no pain.I suffered from my back and for four years I could not rest at night.I went to bed tired and got up in pain.Now I am in a new body!

I thank you deeply from my heart for in my fifties I have started a new life physically,emotionally and mentally able to achieve almost anything.Ihave a sense of inner balance that leads me to a state of clarity and well- being.

I will always be grateful to you Sean.

D Sigala