Cost to Learn Alpha & Theta

Cost to Learn Alpha – Theta States

What does it cost to master the Alpha and Theta waves on command – instantly? Thereby achieving mental and physical balance and control.

It depends on how one counts the cost of time.

The two most well researched authors in the field say in their books:

Michael Hutchinson; Megabrain (# 1 book on brain technology): Only those Zen monks who have meditated for more than 20 years are able to enter the Alpha – Theta states at will.”

Maxwell Cade; The Awakened Mind (over 4,500 EEG’s tested): “To achieve an Alpha frequency of 9 Hz requires two to five years of meditation experience. With ten to twenty years of practice, we find the Alpha frequency around 7 Hz.”

BRAINWAVE I achieves within days what has previously been believed to require 10 to 20 years.

Three Alternatives

1. The least expensive solution – Meditation. A few hundred dollars to learn and 10 years of practice x 365 days = 3,650 days x 1 hr./day = 3,650 hrs divided by 40 hours/ workweek = 91 weeks = 2 years of your time. What is that worth? And you have to wait 10 years to really get it.

2. Next – more expensive in both money and physical pain, Tai Chi or Aikido. 3 hrs./wk. of instruction x 50 weeks/yr. = 150 hrs./yr. x 3 yrs. = 450 hrs. divided by 40 hr. workweek = 3 months of your work time plus $30/hr. for the teacher = $ 13,500. And, you still have to wait 3 years.

3. The quickest way – and the least expensive overall. Brainwave I – 5 days, i.e., one week of your work time and $ 10,000. And, you have the results by day 5.

Method of Instruction Cost  Time Elapsed  Time Invested  Time Cost/week  Total Time Cost Total Cost
Meditation   $ 200   10 years  91 weeks   $1,000  $90,000  $90,200
Martial Arts  $14,000  3 years    12 weeks   $1,000  $12,000  $25,500 
Alphalearning  $15,000  5 days  5 days $1,000 $1,000 $16,000


And, you have your own equipment to keep your brain and the brains of your family in perfect condition.