Oxygen Damage

Oxygen Loss

 One common cause of electrical damage to the brain is a loss of Oxygen. Usually with a problem at birth (blue baby syndrome). For executives it can happen on a long plane flight.

In all cases treated the Brainwave I has resulted in remarkable improvement, in many cases a complete cure.

 A few quotes from clients with oxygen loss damage to their brain.

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 Lees, J.

“Our son was born in Zimbabwe, he had a very rough passage.  When we returned to Britain, he was physically weak, highly sensitive and appeared backward mentally. One of the specialists said one day he felt someone was sure to invent a machine that would be able to correct his sort of damage.  What a seer!  The years went by with some difficulties. We took him to the Alphalearning Institute, were told that if there was to be an improvement it would be noticeable with hours.” It was!


“I was born too early and spend the last 4 years of my life having therapies and doctors around me. I couldn’t move by myself. This is really hard for a 4 year old. I met Sean. I use the BRAIWAVE every day. I laugh, play, have new friends at school. I still can’t walk by myself but I can do it if someone holds my hands. Therapies and pain are over for good.  So far I feel that “thank you” is not enough.”

 Sutter, P.

“You heard again from our enthusiasm working with BRAINWAVE I.    Our daughter’s concentration problems, absentmindedness and lisp completely gone!!!!  She works now regular with BRAINWAVE I and she made great strides; sometimes we think it’s another child…Thank you again!” Her “lisp” is completely gone!

 Holland, C.

“I haven’t felt so full of enthusiasm and interesting ideas for years, and it feels great.  I am using the equipment and am calm and happy and able to laugh and relax in a way I had almost forgotten, thanks to you Sean.  George is reading 3X faster and understanding! With love.”

 Marinakis, N.

“Our son was born premature. First problems was with breath. Since 2 years old he couldn’t walk, couldn’t speak. Ergo therapies.  At age 5 years he was examined and said he had psychomotor retardation with autistic elements, official diagnosis the last 10 years. With Alphalearning in 1.5 years time that he had the therapy his IQ was increased. He could understand a lot of orders despite autistic elements.”

 Iriotis, J.- Sotiriou, A.

“Our belief, that you are a very special person with a brilliant mind who has invented an amazing system which helps other people, is getting stronger day by day.”  “The lessons you have taught me in various ways were unbelievable!  I promise I will never allow anybody to bring my shoulders in the position they were before.  Thank you Sean!”

 Lambert, L.

“Our son is much more alert, more mobile, his sleep pattern was altered to the better, about 85% sleeping through the night as opposed to about 40% previously.  He generally seems a lot calmer.”