Autism, Epilepsy, ADHD & ADD

Autism, Epilepsy, ADHD & ADD

 One common cause of electrical damage to the brain is a loss of Oxygen. Usually with a problem at birth (blue baby syndrome). This is a common cause of Autism, Epilepsy and ADD.

In all cases treated the Brainwave I has resulted in remarkable improvement, in many cases a complete cure.

 A few quotes from clients with oxygen loss damage to their brain.

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 Loughran, C.     

“Opportunity to say thank you again for all your help.  The changes in Hailey were remarkable.  She actually got accepted to a renowned private university.”

Masmanides, G.

“(After the Alphalearning Institute course) (changes in our son) – Sleep continuous for 8 hours, observing things moving, when we called him with his name, he responded with his eyes, he plays longer by himself, he started to understand some words…understand many sentences, drawing, smiling.”

Woodrow, R. 

“(Our son” legs straightened considerably and he “stood taller”.  Running better.  Very relaxed and his speech became more fluent.  Being able to do basic adding up.  Pictures clearer.  More positive.  Holding the pen in a more relaxed way, forms letters more quickly.  Able to take part in conversation.”

Brass, A.

“By the time we left for home after spending four days learning about the equipment Alexandra had taken her last dose of medication.  Going off to sleep without any problems, after only a few minutes she is in a nice relaxed sleep which has never been known.”

Papadopoulos, Y.       

“(After) WAVEMETER  – Nicolas looks more alerted and interested in his environment  – nor sleepy and swollen eyes, neither red skin full of thin blood vessels; only a calm face and sparkling eyes full of curiosity – slept continuously, all night.”

Deschenes, J. 

“(Our son) Change was immediate, calmer, more focused, easier to put to sleep, more cooperative, happier.  More interested in his vocalization and we were able to introduce new words.”

Machado, H. (Son 7)

“I am loving the Brainwave.  It makes me smarter, trains me with the Alpha State and gets me better.  My brain is more balanced and I can control my body.  I hope that every kid can find Alphalearning Institute to learn with you.”

Machado, F. (Mother)

“Thank you for the new direction that my life took since I attended the Learning to Learn Course at the Alphalearning Institute.  What I noticed more in me was the clarity of thoughts, tranquility to resolve issues that in the past would make me tremble, health has improved incredibly.  As a teacher I gained clearer insights, my communication with my students was really improved.”

Machado, J. (Father) 

“Sean Adam showed us in two hours a more lucid and precise approach than any we had heard in the previous years.  There were no gaps in his knowledge.  More than 20 years ahead in using this technology is Sean Adam. l never discover the limits of his perception. I fear I will never be able to fully express my gratitude for the new life he offered to me, my wife and son.”