Accident & Concussion

 Accidents & Concussion

One common cause of electrical damage to the brain is a concussion “bang on the head”. Another is a fracture of the spine.

In all cases treated the Brainwave I has resulted in remarkable improvement, in many cases a complete cure.

A few quotes from clients with accidental impact damage to their brain.

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Aggelos, R.

“Thank you for being my friend, my teacher, my guide.  Your existence is precious for many people – I am one of them!”

Newton, V.

“My knee was displaced also my pelvis and back. I had treatment – hospitalised – large doses of painkiller. During a talk by Sean Adam I was rivited by his words “if a brain is out of balance it affects the body”. Using the Brainwave I and a visualisation technique I was led to a point of balance in my body. I am now moving my focus from my illness onto my life. With kind regards and deep thanks.”

Hanbury, R.

“Ten minutes of delta 4-ways on the Lotus system, provides me with relief for up to six hours. I have also used the Lotus when I am having difficulty getting to sleep.The speed of my reading was improved by the 300%. My daily use of the Wavemeter program deals with this as well. Thank you!”

 Douglas, P.

“It is now 9:30 p.m. Wednesday and I remain totally free of pain.  I have now had two full nights sleep.” I count each hour as a blessing.”

 van der Hoeven, M.

“The results of the Alphalearning Institute treatment of our son have been so fantastic.”With disbelief and tears in my eyes I observe our son getting up on his left leg at one go-something that he was never able to do. Even more incredible is to see that his leg is steady now, and that he walks totally erect..”

 Howarth, R.

“With Sean Adam and his guidance, expertise and technology I am now drug free, my epilepsy is cured. Know this, Sean Adam, you gave me a new life.I thank God every day for Sean Adam and the Alphalearning Institute, it is the greatest course that you will ever be honored to attend.  Do the course it will change your life.”

 Hanbury, P.

“The powers of concentration and memory so enhanced by the course were amazing.” And, of course, my pain was gone. Minor side effect.

 deVries, J.

“Yesterday we had an exciting day in which we saw our son back seriously changed in a very positive way.  During the last week we began to realise that he really changed enormously .”

 van Es, J.

“It works so very good, I use it every day.  When I am very tired I use it – I go to the Wave Meter.  It is very great.” My family is transformed.

 van Rooij, R.

“I want to tell you a little story about the course.  Well, it was fantastic I can tell you.  I am all changed and more positive and more healthy.  Brainwave I instruction is helping in reading and learning.” Back pain- gone!!!!