Harmonic Innerprizes

Harmonic Innerprizes

27 February, 2003

Dear Mr. Adam, 


I have been on a path of spiritual development and personal growth for over 25 years. In that period, I have attended numerous workshops and seminars, read hundreds of books, and nothing has contributed to my knowledge of self, and my ability to learn and comprehend more than your Alphalearning course.

Learning the basic mechanics of the brain, and how it takes in and processes data, has not only dramatically improved my reading and writing skills, but it provided tremendous insights into how my personal brain functions.

Knowing this, I am able to adjust my behavior and strategy in many situations to better accomplish what it is I want. Choosing situations, I take advantage of my brains strengths, and avoid situations where my brain does not function as well.

Knowing how the brain works in general, I am able to have conversations with people and take them to my conclusions with much less resistance.

This is invaluable material, Mr. Adam. Your curriculum should be mandatory in every school system in the world. If your techniques were taught at an early age, students would graduate from high school probably knowing and remembering 100 fold what they do today.

Thank you sir for developing this course.


Patrick Bailey

Sherwood, Oregon