Client Quotes

 A few client quotes from individuals who have completed the course and are using the Brainwave I.

“Very enjoyable and varied, good education on the brain”, dynamic – intelligent and original”

“Interesting to know what I couldn’t believe before”

“Enjoying to learn using modern technology”

“More confident than before”

“Obvious once you see it – simply the best and only system around”

“Never one moment the lecture was dull”

“Everyone in their lifetime should attend this course at least once”

“The speaker is simply excellent”

“Very good – pleased I came”

“Came up to maximum expectations – learned so much of importance in an interesting way which kept my interest”

“Erudite, humorous, down-to-earth with easy to understand language”

“I am truly very, very grateful for being allowed to join this course. It’s the best I have ever attended and I’ve attended quite a few.”

“Everything I saw, heard and experienced makes me just as keen as I was prior to attending the training.

“Quite apart from the “Executive training, the implication of Brainwave I for children or people with brain damage is astronomical. I was touched and impressed by the special environment of permission created for the children. Thank you for an incredible week.”

“It was more interesting than I expected. It was carried out in a way that kept you interested.”

“Taught me something new and connected well with things known”

“Relaxed and informal, yet kept to the points”

“Lots of interesting information on the brain, dynamic lecturer”

“Very well documented”

“Content fascinating, very interesting – resource sources well documented”

“I value my opportunity to attend the course”

“Comprehensive, important subject matter – well presented – speaker had great communication skills”

“Of 10 children we have treated so far – very good progress with 8 and some with other 2″.

“Wonderful impression – best speaker who I have met”.

“Practical and interesting – nice job for motivation of learning – children doing much better in school”.

“Wonderful empowerment tools and advice, already feel different – relaxed and focused”.

“A very great invention to help all mankind to improve good brains and repair damaged brains”.

“Course was close to perfect – clear and concise”

“Excellent way to learn how to relax while working”

“Always catching the attention of the audience, no dead times at all”

“Delivered the goods”

“Very enjoyable and stimulating – great prospect for the future”

“Maximum learning effect – well and vividly explained”

“Initially skeptical – finally totally convinced”

“Very helpful for our family, gave hope and now we understand what we have to do to improve our children – course easy to understand and messages clear”.