Chantal Hubregtse

Chantal Hubregtse


The history of a dyslexic (age 17):

Dear Sean,

By this I want to tell you the story of our daughter Chantal. When Chantal was born, everything seemed all right. When she was 4 years old, she went to kindergarten, where, as we see it now, the first signs of her dyslexia became clear to us. Every time we asked Chantal who her class-mates were, she did not even know the name of the child who was sitting next to her.
At the age of 6, she went from kindergarten to elementary school. In the first class, reading and writing were very difficult for her, although she was a normal child with a normal intelligence.
After contacting the school, we decided to give extra remedial teaching. During this remedial teaching, every possibility to teach writing and reading was used. All efforts were in vain and after 3 years of reading and writing education, Chantal had reached the level of 3 months education. She could not stay at this regular school and was placed in a school for learning and behaviour problems. During her stay in this school, she had the worse time of her little life. As a 9 year old girl, she had to relearn reading with 6 year old children.

Chantal became an unmanageable child and it was almost impossible to get through to her. After 2 years in this school, we were told to consult a child-psychiatrist to see if there were other reasons for her low school performance. But nothing serious was found.

In the mean time, Chantal had lost all of her self-confidence and thought she was the dumbest girl of the whole school. At this school they told us Chantal would become an
illiterate and that for this school she was a hopeless case.

We, as parents, could not agree with this point of view and went searching for another school because we knew that Chantal had more possibilities, but no one could tell us
how to get it out of her.

Chantal went to a private school in the middle of the Netherlands. Everyday she went by train to school at the age of 11 year old. This school, specialized in children with dyslexia problems and children with a lack in their education. The school was lead by two psychologists. In this school she got back her self-confidence and learned how to handle her dyslexia. She was a “normal” person again.

After 2 years of very hard work, Chantal had reached the level of lower secondary education. She was a weak student on a low level. By this time she was 13 years old. We decided to place her at a school in the neighorhood of our hometown because 3 hours of travelling each day was not an easy job to do. Also is the price of the private school was too high for a third year. The first year in the secondary school was very hard for Chantal. Coming from a school with 50 students to a school with 500 students was very hard. There were a lot of teachers and too many different classrooms. No place of her own meant nothing to get a grip on.

Again, we had to talk to several teachers about her dyslexia. Each time we asked for understanding for her difficult situation. One of the teachers gave help, the second one wanted to help but did not know how to do it and a third one found it too difficult and too much trouble. Problems, problems, problems. Every time she had a new teacher, we or Chantal had to explain what dyslexia is and in what way she was able to participate in the lessons. But the understanding in the regular school system is low.

Then we met Sean Adam for the first time and an EEG of Chantal was made. It showed that Chantal had hardly any Alphawaves and no Betawaves at all. There was almost no activity in her brain. Her brain did not work well at all. After the first session with the Lotus program she felt better and looked sharper. The second EEG was much better. Her training was continued by a local trainer of the Alphalearning Institute.

Chantal and I took a course conducted by Sean Adam in Aachen, Germany. During this course Chantal learned to read better and several blockades were solved. Her reading speed increased from 37 words a minute to 120 words a minute.

Now, after 2 years, Chantal is preparing her exams at the highest level. After her exams in the summer she will go to a higher school to be prepared for her future. As she is a better student now, teachers are surprised by her results. Teachers and several school support specialists are now very interested in the Alphalearning method because Chantal has become such a strong personality. Chantal uses the wave-meter once a week.

During a training by Sean Adam Chantal improved her reading in English to 261 words a minute. Four year ago it was still 37 words a minute in Dutch. Every day she is improving and lets hope it continues in the future. Thanks for all you have done for Chantal and us.

A. Hubregtse