CELIA – AN ENGLISH UNIVERSITY STUDENT – IN HER OWN WORDS 7:00 p.m., dinner is over and my list of homework reads: Review Anatomy Lecture, Learn Macronutrients and micronutrients for Nutrition, Review Psychology (Schizophrenia) and Pathology – yesterday’s lecture and catch up with last weeks lecture. No excuses now, washing up is over and nothing else to do to waste time and procrastinate. Where do I start tonight? I ask myself. And the same scenario goes on every night. The pressures’s on and I’ll pick one topic tonight…and before I know it, it’s time to go to bed and I still haven’t finished the one topic let alone started on the other three. Oh never mind, I’ll skip a lecture or two tomorrow and catch up. Guess what? It never works.

Two weeks later I walked into Sean Adam’s office. As I stood there, I thought to myself – “What am I doing here”? The outcome was that I had a session on how to do self relaxation and speed reading. My reading speed went up 40% in that first session alone. This really was impressive – can you give me more techniques?? I left his office to go to another appointment and never made it. Something very subtle had happened and I was feeling high but wrung out. I went home and slept almost forever – it was brilliant.

A week later I was in Sean’s office learning how to learn. That was what I had gone to him for initially. I had already felt some changes with learning as I had practiced the techniques with a tape he had given me to use at home. Nice to think that I was going to get a grip of things now.

The second session was absolutely mind blowing. I managed to get into a deeper state of Alpha very quickly and with Sean’s help I discovered parts of my subconscious I hardly knew existed. It was
like having a high powered dream, yet knowing it was true. It was almost frightening, it worked so quickly – or so I thought, as time seems irrelevant now – knocking down blocks which had been put
there years ago, and allowing the ‘river’ to flow freely. I came out of Alpha feeling lighter, and refreshed, as though I had slept for 8 hours. I had learned even more techniques when I was “in Alpha” and left feeling like a woman with a secret weapon. What a power trip.

The next couple of months were interesting as I could put what I had learned into practice. Speed reading has become part of my life. Now before I study a subject, I get into a state of Alpha and ‘gear’ myself up to attack the subject. My concentration is better and I find I really enjoy learning when I am engrossed. This is a new beginning for me. The homework is not such a big deal anymore and I can get through the work at a faster pace. If only I had been taught the skills at an earlier age – perhaps I wouldn’t have developed the negative blocks that prevented me from learning efficiently – I may have been a lot more mentally developed as well. We are always smarter in hind sight.

Certainly Alpha learning and speed reading are two things I could recommend to friends and acquaintances – it’s not ‘brain washing’ and even though the majority would say it is – who cares, especially if it works?? Go for it.