C. Holland


Christabell Holland



  Dear Sean,

 How are you?

It seems an age since last week;I haven’t felt so full of enthusiasm and interesting ideas for years, and it feels great.

George is doing fine – reading 3X faster and understanding!

Although I had trouble persuading him to listen to the tape.He has now returned to school in Sussex where I hope he will be doing his eye exercises and purple monkeys.I took this EEG of him a couple of hours before he left.I have also done them of my children Fred(13)and Mabel(7) and have attempted to Email all three of them to you,but am not sure if they went through OK as I am a novice.

I would be very interested to hear your view on all three of them,especially George of course;he has only been on the wavemeter so far and I was wondering if I should be adjusting the programme.I have got some books to start him reading which I was planning on doing with the Lotus programme on Alpha blue line,and then on Theta blue line.

Meanwhile I am using the equipment myself and am calm and happy and able to laugh and relax in a way I had almost forgotten,thanks to you Sean.

I’ll look forward to hearing from you when you have a moment in your heady schedule,with love from