Why and How Brainwave I was Developed

 Why & how Brainwave I was developed.

Brainwave 1 why and how developed

Sean Adam, inventor and international patent & copyright holder for the Brainwave I device.

As corporate executives became more and more overloaded with information in the late 1980′s, they realized that new and more efficient techniques of learning had to be mastered.

Large corporations had to increase the efficiency of their executives.

In co-operation with executives from over 100 international corporations, the Alphalearning Institute began in 1989 a research project to determine whether brainwave frequency training could increase learning efficiency.

The project was an unqualified success! 

By testing and studying the brains of 450 high performing individuals, i.e., senior corporate, military and government managers – it was possible to discover the precise brain wave frequencies that were required to perform various mental and physical activities.

This was the first brain wave frequency study done on “super high performing” subjects as opposed to subjects with known brain disorders or “normal” subjects.

It became clear that top performers in various areas, i.e., reading, memory, creativity, persuasion, etc. used different brain wave frequencies.

 All the high performers had the same frequency analysis on each function.

The appropriate wave frequency in the key to learning.

Finally it was proven which frequencies were the best for which function.

Then it was possible to program the computer to read a brain and tune it to the “perfect” frequency. 

The problem for the 20 years from 1970 – 1990 was that mental exercise for 40 – 60 minutes a day was required to achieve a measurable effect on the brain. Then the exercises had to be continued forever to maintain the effect.

Now it is possible to achieve permanent results within a few days and to only exercise 1-2 minutes per day thereafter.