Results of Brainwave Training

Brainwave 1 Results
 Results of Brainwave I Training

Alphalearning graduates are capable of controlling their brainwaves

in 4 major frequencies:

Once an individual has “learned” the appropriate frequencies they can use them at will whenever a particular function is needed.

DELTA = 1-2 Hertz (cycles per second)

Deep physical relaxation, pain control & stress release.

THETA = 3-5 Hertz (cycles per second)

Memory, both memorization and recall and IQ growth.

ALPHA = 7-9 Hertz (cycles per second)

Learning, reading and listening.

BETA = 12-14 Hertz (cycles per second)

Decision making, logic and problem solving.

Using the appropriate wave frequency for each part of learning, i.e., listening versus memorizing is the key to accelerated learning and increased retention.

Extensive use of computerized optical-acoustical brainwave training equipment and electroencephalograph analysis enable each person to track their daily progress during the course. 

You can now train your brain to achieve any desired frequency with Brainwave I.

Executive training for concentration

GEO: “The computer is the new guru. The new Brainwave I can achieve rapid and dramatic increases in intelligence and reading speed, stress management and sporting performance.”

Michael Hutchinson;  Megabrain (# 1 book on brain technology): “Only those Zen monks who have meditated for more than 20 years are able to enter the Alpha – Theta states at will.”

The Awakened Mind, Maxwell Cade; (over 4,500 EEG’s tested): “To achieve an Alpha frequency of 9 Hz requires two to five years of meditation experience.  With ten to twenty years of practice, we find the Alpha frequency around 7 Hz.”

Brainwave I achieves within days what has previously

been believed to require 10 to 20 years.