Brainwave I

brainwave I with model

A new approach to brain training!

 A new set of techniques to enhance learning, memory and balance!

Development required  5 years and over $5,000,000.

The Alphalearning system was originally designed to reprogram one of the most deeply programmed skills of modern man, i.e., reading.

The belief was that if it worked on reading, it would work on anything.

It did work on reading and now is being used for a vast variety of skills; from rodeo riding to typing to language learning to management team performance.

Determining the precise brain wave frequencies and developing the training software and equipment required over 5 years, has involved over 3,000 executives and professionals and required an investment of over $5 million.

  And now the result:

BRAINWAVE I is finally a reality !

The ultimate state of the art exercise and training equipment for the brain.

Brainwave I  equipment is to the brain what Nautilus and Nordic Ski are to the body.

FORBES, (The world’s premier Business Magazine) 

“The latest invention in mental body-building is ALPHALEARNING.”

SYNAPSIA(The international scientific journal of intelligence)

 “Neuro-surgery with light and sound waves is now a reality.”