Horse Training

The Electronic Horse Whisperer

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An amazing discovery made in 1998.

The Brainwave I system works on horses,

just as well as it does on humans.

The Alphalearning Institute trainer for horse training is Julia Lowes. She is based in England and travels worldwide to train both horses and children. 

Julia has ridden and trained horses all her life and participated in the Atlanta Olympics in 1996. She also works with dyslexics as she was dyslexic herself before the Alphalearning Institute found the key to her reading difficulty. Julia trained with the founder of Alphalearning Sean Adam, in Switzerland and they spent three months working together in Abu Dhabi, UAE last year.

Two years ago Julia ran a trial on six Dyslexic boys in conjunction with Kip McGrath Centre in Gravesend.  The trial was over three weeks during which time much progress  was made and was still being maintained at the assessment made after six months.

A few examples about horses:


Prior to testing Maisie had to be tied up in the stable when alone, as she was running round in circles screaming for her companion. 

After the Lotus light and sound session, the companion was taken away and she didn’t even call to him.  She just stood there calmly looking out of the window! 

Quote by the Owner :  “There was certainly a big change!   “Maisie” showed markedly less anxiety than she had before!” 


“Slipstream” suffered from the “head-shaking syndrome” and as can be seen, the EEG shows a marked level of improvement. 

His owner certainly thinks there was an improvement in his condition. 

She reckons that he is a “happier” horse.  He is an ex-racehorse living in retirement.  


“Jim”` had never been trained to a saddle or  “started”. He was trained by Monty Roberts (The Horse Whisperer) while EEGs were connected to both Jim and Monty. 

The EEGs of Jim during and after the training clearly show how much more relaxed Jim was after the training. 

The EEGs of both Jim and Monty during the 35 minutes of actual training show how their brains were virtually synchronized. This is the unique gift of Monty Roberts – to actually operate on the same wavelength as the horse and to get the horse to tune to Monty’s wavelength.


Brandy was very had to catch and to put a head collar or bridle on in the stable.  Also Dr. Andrews found it very difficult to take blood and inject medicines.  It took 5 people to hold Brandy down for me to take the first EEG and the first Wavemeter. 

While the Wavemeter was running I got the 5 people to let go very slowly and by the end of the 11 min treatment I was the only one handling Brandy.  After the 2nd Wavemeter Brandy would not let me out of his sight and could be handled a lot easier. 

I spoke to Dr. Andrews 8 weeks after the treatment and he said that Brandy was still a lot calmer, less stressful when being handled and it was much easier to take blood samples.  

You have seen the video draft and a new edited version will be delivered with the final report. 


Kasser had been trained and was still difficult to handle.

After treatment Kasser  was a lot calmer, more relaxed and could be walked with no pressure on the lead rope.

As the trainer had not worked with the horse before she could not tell me what she thought of the way the horses was working after treatment  

So then I asked for a horse that the trainer had done some work on before and I was given Rahba. 


During the treatment I found that Rahba  had a problem in the neck, withers and back so I told the trainer that the horse needed to see a Horse Chiro/Osteopath. 

The trainer, Sean and I could all feel the heat release and change in temperature (much cooler) in the damaged area after the treatment. 


Inand had not yet been started at all.  After treatment Inand was very calm and easier to handle so I started  Inand and after 1hour and 22 min I had a saddle, bridle and rider on for the first time in the horse’s life.  

Bave Emir 

The racehorse Bave Emir was very bad at running off to the right for no apparent reason or  warning while out on exercise. As you can see from the EEG there is not a lot of activity on the right. After treatment Bave Emir’s EEG is a lot more balanced. And she has not run off to the right out on exercise since the treatment. 

Bave Emir was third is her first flat race of the season. 

Dynoma Minsk 

Dynoma Minsk was very bad about going in and out of her stable and starting stalls and would get very claustrophobic in the horsebox and would have to travel on her own. 

After treatment Dynoma Minsk is a lot calmer, more relaxed, goes in and out of her stable much slower (instead of rushing) and goes in and out of the starting stalls a lot better. Also she can be traveled with another horse to the races. She was third in her third flat race of the season.