Golf was one of the first observed “side effects”

of the Learning to Learn course,

as many of the corporate executives

used the concentration techniques on their golf game.

Here are some quotes.

“Won first prize in golf club tournament week after course using the Alpha system. Ball in hole works!” Doug Ewing, Belgium

“Alpha really works for golf. When distressed, now have the ability to calm down and relax.” Curt Selestam, Norway

“Golf swing works, Alpha gives me a relaxed awareness, not so screaming inside.” Bert Talhoo, Holland

“Before Alpha I couldn’t keep my left arm straight on the back swing, now I can’t bend it.  Fantastic.” Cris van Aeken, England

“Before the Alphalearning Institute course my handicap was 14.2.  Now it is 7 and still dropping after 3 months of practice with the Alphalearning Institute techniques.” See full letter: Jan Verfaellie, Belgium

“Alphalearning improves my score and the best part is, it makes my golf game “enjoyable” !”
See full letter: Paul Verfaellie, Belgium