Additional Applications of Brainwave I and Alphalearning

Many additional applications of the training techniques developed for reading and learning have been discovered in the past few years. Training in athletics has been one of the most important.

Golf was the first, as many of the corporate executives used the concentration techniques on their golf game. Here are some quotes.

“Won first prize in golf club tournament week after course using the Alpha system. Ball in hole works!” Doug Ewing, Belgium

“Alpha really works for golf. When distressed, now have the ability to calm down and relax.” Curt Selestam, Norway

“Golf swing works, Alpha gives me a relaxed awareness, not so screaming inside.” Bert Talhoo, Holland


“Before Alpha I couldn’t keep my left arm straight on the back swing, now I can’t bend it.  Fantastic.” Cris van Aeken, England

“Before the Alphalearning Institute course my handicap was 14.2.  Now it is 7 and still dropping after 3 months of practice with the Alphalearning Institute techniques.” Jan Verfaellie, Belgium

Shooting was the second, as many people enjoyed sport shooting.  The results were so impressive that the Royal Marines in the UK and the USA Marines used the system for their international marksmanship competitions.  The result was a 20% – 30% improvement in scores.

Astronaut training at NASA in Houston resulted in 1 – 2 levels of G-Force toleration (20% – 30% more), as the balanced brain was better able to survive the confused state in a spinning gyro field.

Richard Branson and Steve Fosset used Brainwave I to control their sleep patterns during their last around-the-world balloon attempt.  The only Brainwave I ever to be lost went down off the Hawaiian coast.


F-15 and F-16 fighter pilots were able to increase their “dog-fight” learning and response training by having their brain balanced and learning the Alpha and Theta waves.

In one of the most recent and unique applications, two Brainwave I’s were used to determine how and why Monty Roberts (“The Horse Whisperer”) was able to train horses so quickly.

Portable units operating on infrared transmission were connected to both Monty’s brain and a horse’s brain while he was in the training ring.  The resulting EEGs proved that when  Monty got the horse to respond to instructions, their brains were on the same wavelength.

To be serious about training the brain,

BRAINWAVE I equipment is a requirement.