Alexandra Brass decreased epilepsy seizures





 Alexandra began using the Brainwave equipment from the Alphalearning Institute at the beginning of April.  This is a report of her progress so far.

 During the two weeks before Alexandra began the programme we slowly started to decrease her medication for epilepsy convulsions so as that we were able to get a more clear reading from the E.E.G. of what was really going on with her brain waves.  This would then give us a better idea of how much the equipment was helping her.  We were impressed by the changes we saw in Alexandra and decided to invest in the equipment to use at home on a regular basis.  By the time we left for home after spending four days learning about the equipment Alexandra had taken her last dose of medication.

 It is now almost seven weeks since we started using the equipment and so far we are impressed Alexandra has had only one seizure a few days after we returned home which we think had a lot to do with the long travel home and then the excitement of a birthday party on top of coming off all medication.

 At night time Alexandra is going off to sleep without any problems, after only a few minutes she is in a nice relaxed sleep which has never been known.  Before using the equipment Alexandra’s medication was on the increase.  She would constantly be jumping herself awake and screaming out, grabbing at her face and biting her hands.  Sometimes this would go on until the early hours of the morning.  She would have on average one to two seizures a month, these were usually aggravated by stress, tiredness, excitement and illness.

 We have noticed that during sleep Alexandra is in a much better position.  She is actually moving almost on to her back, arms straight and down by her side.  She stretches out and changes position.  Before Alexandra would be curled up into a ball with her head down, lying on her side.  She would not move from this position until she became so uncomfortable she would wake up and have to be turned.

 Other changes we have noticed are-

Rolling onto her back and kicking her legs-quite happy to be on her back-breathing better – circulation better – hands and feet much warmer-chest more flexible- improved concentration – reflexes not a strong on occasions –increased appetite –hand control improving-hair appears thicker- feet are going flat to the floor more often-some days seems to have very little drooling if any other days it runs out like a tap.

 There are also a few changes which do not seem so good  (maybe they are phases that she must go through and could actually be positive, we are not sure. )

Alexandra’s tongue is thrusting out a lot of the time – she is grabbing her hands and can’t always let go- she will then grab her face or bite her fingers –these are things she has always done but they seem to be happening quite regular at the moment.

                                                                         Yours sincerely,                                                                                                                                           The Brass Family