A. Ozgider, dyslexia cured.


A. Ozgider


Dear Sean,

I don’t know how to start this email. I suppose I can certainly express my gratitude and say thank you. What I learned that week in Switzerland is sure to change my life and it all ready has. What you taught me was so much more than just speed reading. In fact, speed reading was the easiest part of the course.

Of course my dyslexia was cured. Reading speed up from80 w/m to 700 w/m. However:

What you taught me about life and development is far more valuable. You have healed my perceptions and now I feel that I am bound by nothing. Thanks to you I have gained a higher level of consciousness and can see the world in way I haven’t been able to in the past. Everything is so clear now. In the time since we concluded the course I have gathered a great deal of information about Aikido and other martial arts forms as well as information about Buddhism and meditation as you suggested.

All I want to know is the truth. And I’m not afraid of change and I’m certainly not afraid to reject old beliefs and habits. I believe my path to enlightenment has begun. Once again I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Hope to always keep in touch. Take care