Van Rooij, R.


Van Rooij, R.


 Dear Sean,

 I want to tell you a little story about the course.

 Well, it was fantastic I can tell you.  I am all changed and more positive and more healthy.  Also, the handling of situations that I had before in my life have changed.  I now have for the moment, more patience to listen to other people. 

 As well, the speed-reading training with my eyes | can feel is going much, much better, day by day.

 In myself, I find more flexibility, more variable feelings with better conclusions in a positive way.  Sean, we have worked out the “cause”.  It is really good work.  I feel I now have, “the thinking way”.  Brainwave I instruction is helping in reading and learning.  The therapy learned is giving a perfect start every day. 

 By the way, there is a lot of change in my body as well.  The chiropractor has tried for several years to fix my back pain.  You did that the second day of the course.  It was amazing, Sean.  The pain is still gone.  I am very thankful for that.

 I feel the change in my blood, all over my body.  I feel that the right side of my brain is growing and it is changed, I have more brains.

 I hope to see you again on a next course.

With Love and gratitude,