J. van Es


J. van Es


 Dear Sean,

The Brainwave I, It works so very good, I use it every day.

When I am very tired I use it – I go to the Wave Meter.

 I go to Delta 3 – ways – when that is clear I’m not tired anymore.

 Nancy, my daughter – I taught her how to do it upstairs on the computer – Delta 2 and she was rested.  Nancy is not clear yet.  It will slowly go better.  Now she has to make a choice – school or modelling.  She has 2 years to make a decision.  I said to Nancy, think about all the things you learned during that week on the course and use them.

 You said use it when you need it – the yellow line works!  It’s OK.

 It is very great!

 Marianne, my wife is complete different – better – stronger – much stronger.  Before the course she wasn’t strong in power.  Now she is.  When she talks with other people she feels good.

 Jurgen and Marianne in the evening – they look at each other, put their heads together and try to see each others auras.

We are all so grateful for you and Gina.

All our love,

The van Es family

The photo below is of you explaining one of my EEGs to me, Marianne and Nancy. Jurgen is taking the photo. What an experience.


Van Es family crop